'It's not all about darts', Gary Anderson opens up on how the Covid-19 pandemic changed his mindset

After suffering with inconsistency in recent years, former world No.1 Gary Anderson has admitted that his outlook on darts has changed.

Gary Anderson has enjoyed a superb darting career, stacking up his trophy cabinet with victories in the World Championship, UK Open and the Darts Champions League.

But the former world No.1 has endured a rocky patch of form in recent years, sometimes producing dazzling displays but then struggling to add consistency.

Now sat down in sixth in the PDC Order of Merit, Anderson admitted that he's struggled with his darts this year, with the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to affect the sport.

"Darts has been a struggle this year, probably the year before as well but yeah just keep battling on. Hopefully it'll come good one day.

The Flying Scotsman added that it was a strange adaptation to play behind closed doors.

"It was weird to start off with and then they started playing the background music. They squeezed in that bloke who whistles all the time as well

"But yeah it was strange. It was great to come out of that to get people back, it was a big difference.

"I'm still in that bubble, before darts was my life 24/7. Everything was about darts but now we've been locked down, I've came to realise it's not all about darts.

"I've got young kids, I spend a lot of time with them. We've got the wee business we run, I'm there everyday I'm not at the darts. It's a bit hard for the darts circuit."

Of course there's little left to achieve in Anderson's glistening career, but with the 51-year-old admitting that the sport is beginning to drop down his priority list, he did claim there's one tournament left that he wants to win.

"I've always wanted to win the Grand Slam. That was the first tournament I played in when I came across. I played it while I was in the BDO. I got so much dogs abuse, I loved it."

"When I play my game how I used to play, I win. There's weekends I turn up and I play really well and there's weekends I turn up and I'm absolutely awful."

Next up for Gary Anderson is Night 15 in the Premier League, of which he currently sits eighth after winning only one night so far.

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