Fallon Sherrock Premier League appearance 'not as close as people think,' says PDC chief

Twenty-seven-year-old "would have been in the conversation" for Premier League selection but could not secure her tour card.

Fallon Sherrock being invited to play in Premier League darts is "not as close as people think," says PDC chief executive Matt Porter.

Sherrock is a genuine trailblazer in women's darts, and many were backing her to add a debut appearance at the Premier League this year to her list of firsts for females in the sport.

However, after losing 6-3 to Nathan Treadgold during the final stage of UK Qualifying School, Sherrock failed to win a 2022 tour card which wiped out her chances of remaining in consideration for the event.

When asked how close Sherrock was to being selected, Porter told Online Darts TV: "Not as close as people think.

"Obviously when she didn't win a tour card it made it not a question, because we don't have non-tour card holders in the Premier League.

"People used to say 'why don't you put the BDO champion in, why don't you put Phil [Taylor] in after he retired' things like that. We've got tour cards for a reason. These people are professional darts players."

Porter did add, though, that she could have made it had it not been for her Q School heartbreak.

Fallon Sherrock lost in the opening round to Steve Beaton

"Fallon would have been in contention if she had a tour card. I'm not saying she would have been in, but she would have been part of the conversation," he explained.

"I feel so sorry for her because she gets so much scrutiny and so much of it is undeserved. She is just someone who wants to play darts, and she was so unlucky with the pandemic, because her career was just about to take off and it really knocked it back.

"She is someone who has got a bright future, and I think people have got to leave her alone a little bit…

"It's not her fault if someone writes a headline about her, it's not her fault if she beats a man and it gets talked about just because she is a girl who beat a man, that is just not fair."

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