‘Excited’ Fallon Sherrock believes the MODUS Super Series will only get better

PDC star Fallon Sherrock is impressed with how far the MODUS Super Series has come along and believes the event will give players a lot of ‘stage practice’.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Sherrock was one of the many players competing in the Online Darts Live League. 

With the event now boasting its very own purpose-built studio, the 28-year-old believes that the MODUS Super Series will give players an opportunity to ply their trade in a professional setting.

When asked about the new venue, Sherrock said: "The new venue for the MODUS Super Series is actually a really good experience for the other players as well and it looks like a fantastic venue to be a part of, so I'm really excited to be here and witness it for the first time."

When looking at the evolution of the competition, the player added: "Yeah I do remember when it all started (as the Online Darts Live League), back then when it was online in your front rooms and stuff.

"I remember my dog interfering quite a lot! But yeah, I never thought it would extend to where it is now, playing on a big stage, not out of a room.

"So I think it's gone really well, and I think it can only get better, and hopefully it will give all the other players a lot of stage practice.

"When I played in Southampton, in the room, it helped me with a lot of success in my game and built me with loads of confidence.

"I was able to get a lot of match practice, especially after lockdown when no one was playing.

"It definitely built me with a lot of confidence going into my games on stage, knowing I could beat the high calibre of players, and I could hit the averages against them."

Sherrock has also teased a potential appearance at the event, saying: "I'm hoping you're going to see me on this stage at the MODUS Super Series. I really want to play so I'm going to try my best to play on it."

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