Damon Heta and Simon Whitlock praised for showing 'true Aussie grit' during Darts World Cup win

Ten years on from Australia's second-placed finish in the Darts World Cup, Damon Heta and Simon Whitlock brought the nation it's maiden World Cup title with a win over Wales in the final.

Australia's pairing of Damon Heta and Simon Whitlock outclassed Welsh duo Gerywn Price and Jonny Clayton on Sunday evening to bring home the World Cup title for the first time in the country's history.

The pair both won their opening singles matches in the final, but a strong doubles performance from Wales left Australia needing a win in either of the remaining singles matches.

Damon Heta managed to topple world No.8 Jonny Clayton to give Australia a 3-1 victory and seal the title, 10 years on from their misery in the 2012 tournament.

Simon Whitlock featured in both the 2012 and 2022 finals, and performed superbly alongside Heta to avenge his first defeat and claim the £70,000 prize fund.

Partnering Whitlock 10 years ago was Kyle Anderson, who sadly passed aged just 33 last August. Wayne Mardle piled praise onto Whitlock for his performance, and added that the 53-year-old did his former teammate proud.

"Whitlock has been in the game for decades and for Simon to say 'this is life-changing' I thought it was a heart-warming interview. These two love each other, they really do," said Mardle.

"I know he's not here but there's a bit of Kyle Anderson in there as well and Simon mentioned him as well. These two breathe and live darts.

"Damon Heta has moved over to the UK with his wife. He's relocated to chase his dream as Simon did all those years ago.

"When you see these scenes it's beautiful to watch, but it's like 'hold on' the establishment can be upset. These guys deserved it.

"After losing that pairs game it would have been easy to retreat and feel a bit sorry for yourself and think 'this is all hard work' but they showed true Aussie grit."

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