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T20 World Cup 2024: Schedule, format, where to watch and results

The T20 World Cup is back with England looking to defend their crown and Planet Sport has everything you need to know as we move into the Super 8 stage of the tournament.

England look to become the first side in the history of the T20 World Cup to successfully defend their title, although their journey to the Super 8's hasn't been easy.

We've now nearly completed the Group stage and are left with eight sides, some the usual suspect and some not.

The Super 8's see the remaining eight teams split into two groups of four and each team will play the other teams in their group once before the top two from each Super 8's group will progress to the semi-finals. 

The winner of each semi-final will then go through to the final, which will be played on Saturday, June 29.

Here Planet Sport gives you a run through of the results so far and the matches to come.


T20 World Cup Super 8's schedule 


Group 1

June 20 - Afghanistan vs India (1530 BST)

June 21 - Australia vs Bangladesh (0130 BST)

June 22 - India vs Bangladesh (1530 BST)

June 23 - Afghanistan vs Australia (0130 BST)

June 24 - Australia vs India (1530 BST)

June 25 - Afghanistan v Bangladesh (0130 BST)


Group 2

June 19 - USA vs South Africa (1530 BST)

June 20 - England vs West Indies (0130 BST)

June 21 - England vs South Africa (1530 BST)

June 22 - USA vs West Indies (0130 BST)

June 23 - USA vs England (1530 BST)

June 24 - West Indies vs South Africa (0130 BST)


T20 Group Stage results

June 18 - West Indies beat Afghanistan by 104 runs (Group C)

June 17- New Zealand beat Papua New Guinea by seven wickets (Group C)

June 17- Sri Lanka beat the Netherlands by 83 runs (Group D)

June 17- Bangladesh beat Nepal by 21 runs (Group D)

June 16 - Pakistan beat Ireland by three wickets (Group A)

June 16 - Australia beat Scotland by five wickets (Group B)

June 15- South Africa beat Nepal by one run (Group D)

June 15 - England beat Namibia by 41 runs (DLS) (Group B)

June 15 - India vs Canada - match abandoned (Group A)

June 15 - New Zealand beat Uganda by nine wickets (Group C)

June 14 - USA vs Ireland - match abandoned (Group A)

June 14 - Afghanistan beat Papua New Guinea by seven wickets (Group C)

June 13 - England beat Oman by eight wickets (Group B)

June 13 - Bangladesh beat Netherlands by 25 runs (Group D)

June 13 - West Indies beat New Zealand by 13 runs (Group C)

June 12 - India beat USA by seven wickets (Group A)

June 12 - Australia beat Namibia by nine wickets (Group B)

June 12 - Sri Lanka vs Nepal - match abandoned (Group D)

June 11 - Pakistan beat Canada by seven wickets (Group A)

June 10 - South Africa beat Bangladesh by four runs (Group D)

June 9 - Scotland beat Oman by seven wickets (Group B)

June 9 - India beat Pakistan by six runs (Group A)

June 9 - West Indies beat Uganda by 134 runs (Group C)

June 8 - Australia beat England by 36 runs (Group B)

June 8 - South Africa beat Netherlands by four wickets (Group D)

June 8 - Bangladesh beat Sri Lanka by two wickets (Group D)

June 8 - Afghanistan beat New Zealand by 84 runs (Group C)

June 7- Canada beat Ireland by 12 runs (Group A)

June 6 - Scotland beat Namibia by five wickets (Group B)

June 6 - USA beat Pakistan in Super Over by five runs (Group A)

June 6 - Australia beat Oman by 39 runs (Group B)

June 6 - Uganda beat Papua New Guinea by three wickets (Group C)

June 5 - India beat Ireland by eight wickets (Group A)

June 4 - Netherlands beat Nepal by six wickets (Group D)

June 4 - England vs Scotland - no result due to rain (Group B)

June 4 - Afghanistan beat Uganda by 125 runs (Group C)

June 3 - South Africa beat Sri Lanka by six wickets (Group D)

June 3 - Namibia beat Oman in Super Over by 11 runs (Group B)

June 2 - West Indies beat PNG by five wickets (Group C)

June 2 - USA beat Canada by seven wickets (Group A)


Where is it being held?

For the first time in history an ICC tournament will be held in the USA, as they co-host the competition with the West Indies. 

Three of the nine venues are in the states while six are in the West Indies, with the final being held at the Kensington Oval in Bridgetown, Bardados.


Where can I watch?

All games in the T20 World Cup will be broadcast on Sky Sports.

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