Sportscotland to ‘assess each sport individually’ after damning Cricket Scotland racism report

Sportscotland have revealed they will meet with leaders of at least 25 governing bodies following the findings of a report into racism within Cricket Scotland.

The national agency wants to ensure that other sports are tackling racism and provide equal opportunities. 

This comes after an independent review which found Cricket Scotland failed a total of 29 from 31 indicators of institutional racism.

The testing structure, created by Plan4Sport, will form the foundation of self-assessments that the other sporting governing bodies will be expected to undertake.

Sportscotland chief executive Stewart Harris said: "We will assess each sport individually. It's important that we take that time to do that and the first step is Tuesday.

"We will say: 'Here's the report, here is what it is saying about Cricket Scotland, here's how it was assessed, can you now take that away, have a good look at it, discuss it with your teams, and we will have a further discussion later on.

"Because it is important that we absolutely learn the lessons from this."

Plan4Sport managing director Louise Tideswell said: "I would hope any governing body of sport could assess itself using those indicators and determine whether they need some help.

"It's not for me to say whether there is a problem in another sport because I don't know.

"No sport wants to be in the day that we are having today. I hope no sport is ever having a day like this again. But there is an opportunity to learn from the review findings and to use those indicators to make sure we don't have another day like we are having today."

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