Kane Richardson lauds emotional intelligence of new Australia coach

Kane Richardson says that Australia coach Andrew McDonald possesses an emotional intelligence that he has not seen in any other coach in elite cricket.

Australia fast bowler Kane Richardson has put the universal popularity of new men's coach Andrew McDonald down to the mentor's emotional intelligence and communications skills.

Richardson said that the entire Australia camp have taken a shine to McDonald which is something he hadn't ever seen with a coach in any team.

The veteran quick recently made the decision to switch state allegiences to Queensland where he will work with Wade Seccombe, someone he has formed a strong bond with, and he feels guides the Bulls after the fashion of McDonald.

Kane Richardson insists communications is key

Richardson believes that coaches of this sort of mould are the future of the game.

"I've never seen a coach have a whole dressing room like them (until McDonald)," Richardson told cricket.com.au. "And yeah, he's your mate, but once cricket comes there's ultimate respect for him as coach.

"It's emotional intelligence, and knowing how to communicate in different ways with people, and he's almost the best I've seen, but Wade Seccombe seems to be from that same mould, and it seems the same way in AFL now as well."

Richardson still has hopes of making further contributions for Australia in T20 cricket.

Hoping to still play for Australia

He says that he isn't trying to be like Australia's big three quicks, Pat Cummins, Josh Hazlewood or Mitchell Starc.

"The beauty of T20 is you don't need to bowl 145kph," he said. "It doesn't matter what you look like, what your strengths are, or what people watching on TV think, there's always a role for someone if you're really good at it.

"My niche in the last couple of years has been doing things that those guys don't need to do. If there's a tough job that 'Cummo' and 'Starcy' don't need to do, I'll do it.

"And the viewer at home would probably think, This guy's average - he's bowling half-trackers at 130, but it's about trying to find what's working in that game and doing it.

"Those guys (Cummins, Starc, Josh Hazlewood) are going to be effective on any surface against any opposition, whereas for me, if there's a certain role that needs to be played that I'm going to be good at, then I'll do that.

"I think in the last couple of years that whole group has come together and really found an identity as a group, and within that each guy has his role."

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