Jos Buttler labelled best T20 batter in the world by Kevin Pietersen

Jos Buttler brutalised the Delhi Capitals bowling on Friday with a terrific 116 off just 65 balls.

Kevin Pietersen has labelled Jos Buttler the best T20 batter in the world after another hundred in the IPL for the England star.

Buttler notched his third ton of the 2022 IPL season in the Rajasthan Royals match against Delhi Capitals.

The Capitals won the toss and put the Royals in to bat but might regret that decision.

Is Jos Buttler the best in the world?

Buttler came out of the sheds with a bee in his bonnet and blasted his way to an incredible 116 off just 65 balls.

"Jos Buttler has made a fabulous start to the IPL," Pietersen wrote in his Betway blog. "He's the best T20 batter in the world at the moment, by a mile.

"His array of shots and his execution of shots is unmatched, but I also love his calmness and his presence of mind in the middle. KL Rahul is another who has those skills.

"That's what sets these guys apart. They are very calm and very calculated, and then have the phenomenal shot-making and ball-striking."

Pietersen believes that Buttler benefitted from a break post-Ashes which came because he was dropped from the Test side.

Too much cricket

The former England skipper feels that the top players are being asked to play far too often.

"There are several guys who look totally burnt out at the moment," Pietersen continued.

"Whereas Jos Buttler benefitted from a break during England's Test series in the West Indies, you've had the likes of Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and Jonny Bairstow playing all formats and living in bubbles for months on end.

"That is not anyway to maximise world-class talent. They've churned out money for their boards by fulfilling most matches in every format in the last couple of years and, as star players, they are under constant pressure with millions of people watching them.

"The cricket schedule is crazy. Even as a commentator, I'm working flat out. But, clearly, I'm not under the pressure that these guys are.

"Honestly, I think these guys need a six-month break. Get away to the US, to London, to wherever else where travel is unrestricted. Clear your head, come back and rack up the runs again. It's unrealistic, but it would do some of these guys the world of good."

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