Jack Leach hopeful England could select spinner for the Ashes

England's Jack Leach believes the return Ben Stokes and Chris Woakes could signal the inclusion of a spinner in the starting XI for the Ashes.

After the second day of England's warm-up fixture against the Lions, Leach stated: "From the summer, the feedback was that Stokesy not being in the side, not having that all-round option in the top order, kind of made things difficult for me to get in the side.

"So, I think having him back is great. Also having Woakes back…both of them back is hopefully positive for being able to fit in a spinner in, for sure."

Leach and Stokes combined to help England claim a close one-wicket win at Headingley during the drawn Ashes series in 2019.

Leach smiled when asked if he would ever tire of hearing about his unbeaten score of one on that occasion - when Stokes recorded 135 not out.

"I'm not fed up with the one not out - I don't think I ever will be, but I guess I want to keep performing for England (and) that's what it comes down to," he said.

Leach has also spoken about his admiration for Australia's Nathan Lyon.

"For years I've watched Nathan Lyon and he's very impressive," Leach said.

"Just how strong his stock ball is, and, on wickets that don't necessarily offer a lot spin-wise, he's found ways to extract extra bounce, dip and all the other things.

"They're the kind of things that I've been trying to add in but still sticking to my strengths as well."