Kid Galahad promises to clean up after becoming IBF featherweight world champion

"If it wasn’t for boxing, Eddie Hearn, DAZN, Brendan Ingle, my mum I’d probably be locked up or dead."

Kid Galahad's dream of becoming world champion was finally realised as he produced a stunning effort to defeat Jazza Dickens to win the IBF featherweight title.

Headlining the second weekend of Fight Camp, Galahad gradually broke down a stubborn Dickens and the fight got halted in round 11.

The Sheffield fighter - under Dominic Ingle - had previously challenged for the same belt against Josh Warrington only to lose via majority decision in 2019.

However, Galahad would not be denied this time and impressed throughout to extend his record to 28-1.

"I've been waiting 19 years for this and it's finally here, I've finally got it - IBF champion of the World," Galahad told DAZN.

"Not a little bit, the whole world. This doesn't say regular champion, this says world champion. People can think what they want.

"I come to fight. I'm a full time professional, I don't take no days off. Jazza Dickens will become a world champion 100%. Without a doubt, he'll become a world champion. I'm just over the moon.

"Thank you Eddie Hearn. If it weren't for Eddie Hearn I wouldn't be in this position right now. Thank you to DAZN. I'm just over the moon man.

"Brendan Ingle told me that I'm going to win everything from super bantamweight up to lightweight. Nobody believed me and everyone doubted me when I said I'd become world champion.

"Before I met Brendan, I would have probably been locked up in jail. He was the only person that gave me hope. If it wasn't for boxing, Eddie Hearn, DAZN, Brendan Ingle, my mum I'd probably be locked up or dead.

"Naseem Hamed, I met him at the local mosque. I said to him, 'Naz, I want to be a world champion like you'. He told me if I wanted to become a world champion I needed to go and find Brendan Ingle at the St Thomas' Boxing Club. The rest is history. I went and met Brendan and that's it.

"Every single day two busses. Forty-five minutes. I used to get up at 5.45 to get in for 6.45. Every single day from the age of 12-years-old. When I was 15 I moved out of my area. Brendan told me I'd end up locked up or dead if I stayed in that area.

"I lived in a crappy house at the bottom of the road with about five other boxers. There were rats and everything. I used to have a mattress on the floor. I lived there from the age of 15 until I was 20 and I got enough money to get my own house.

"My mum is over there somewhere. She's over the moon. We've come from nothing. Hopefully I make a few quid out of this and get her a nice house, and get out of the area. I'm going to dominate the division.

"I always told Eddie I was going to dominate this division. I will make sure that I clean up this division. Nobody is going to beat me. I just beat the guy who beat Leigh Wood. This says IBF champion of the whole world. This is not a regular title."

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