Betting preview: Chris Eubank Jr may have to go the distance against Liam Williams

"It will be a challenge. There will be points in the fight where I have to decide to do my style or Roy's style."

"Either he will quit or get knocked out," was Chris Eubank Jr's prediction after Thursday's face off with Liam Williams.

The meeting between the two British middleweight rivals next month has been hammed up to be a genuine grudge match. Neither men have much time for each other after exchanging comments on social media.

Eubank Jr is the 4/9 favourite with Planet Sport Bet and he will be looking to get back on the trail of the world middleweight belts with a victory over 29-year-old Welshman Williams.

But if there were any thoughts of an amicable meeting on Thursday, those were quickly dashed as the pair continued to trade insults.

"He has said a lot of reckless things online. It doesn't sit well with me," said Eubank Jr to Sky Sports.

"This is a grudge match, a genuine domestic rivalry. It is personal. He has made it personal.

"He has come here today and tried to talk about respect? It has gone too far past that now."

Williams interrupted with "shut your mouth, Chris" and added: "We're not each other's type of person.

"I don't have much respect for him personally. I don't like the way he goes about his business."

The brash style of Eubank Jr is not Williams' cup of tea and he believes he can score the biggest win of his professional career next month.

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Williams, who has three defeats on his record, is a 2/1 shot but he will have home advantage in Cardiff on December 11.

Outclassed vs Andrade

Liam Smith beat him twice in 2017 via a retirement and a majority decision.

His only other loss came last time out against American WBO middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade.

Jason Quigley will get his shot at Andrade on Saturday for his WBO world middleweight title. Williams though proved his toughness and went the distance in Florida against Andrade. He was outclassed in parts with the judges seeing it 118-109, 118-109 and 116-111 all in favour of Andrade.


Eubank Jr will find Williams a tough cookie.

While the Brighton man's assumption over styles might not be correct.

"With his style, I don't see it going 12 rounds. He's got heart, will, determination. But that heart will get him hurt," said Eubank Jr.

"He talks about game-plans and strategies? That won't save you. You don't have the skills."

While Williams might not have the range of skills that Eubank Jr possesses, he does have power and a solid chin.

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He has 18 knockouts from his 23 winning fights.

He was put on the canvas by Andrade in round two with a one-two straight down the pipe.

But Williams survived a flurry of powerful uppercuts in rounds five and six.

He even landed a damaging right hand which buzzed the champion in round nine.

Andrade recovered though and landed a bomb of his own in the final round. The left hook almost finished it for Williams, but he managed to survive. And that showing will give him heart that he can go the distance with Eubank Jr.

The Brighton man has altered styles under new coach Roy Jones Junior. The come-forward, unpredictable approach has been tempered to a more silky 'hit and don't get hit'.

'My style or Roy's style'

But Eubank Jr accepts that could go out of the window against Williams.

"There may be points where I should step off or do something which Roy has taught me, but I will want to tear him up.

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"It will be a challenge. There will be points in the fight where I have to decide to do my style or Roy's style," said Eubank Jr.

A tear up will give Williams a bigger chance of an upset. But Eubank Jr is more than capable of winning a brawl.

However, Eubank's last two fights have been far from competitive. And he may well take some time to adjust to a fighter who will prove to be a competitive rival.

Wanik Awdijan retired on his stool last time out in October after a number of crunching body shots took their toll. Before that Eubank Jr (31-2-0, 23 KOs) outpointed Marcus Morrison after 17 months of inactivity.

It was not as close a contest as the record books show though because Eubank Jr afterwards claimed he" decided to keep him in there" to get in 10 rounds.

He may have to go the distance again, but not out of choice this time, with Williams fancied to drag the fight into the later rounds at the very least.

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