'Worst stoppage ever' - Boxing video goes viral after referee makes shocking decision

Stephen Newns Jr released footage of his fight in Lithuania and it has left the boxing fraternity stunned.

The light middleweight boxer was fighting in an amateur bout against Kutuk Baris and started the second round well, landing more clean punches than his opponent before being put in a headlock and dragged to the floor.

Bizarrely, after getting pulled apart again following a clinch, with no punches landed, the referee gives a standing count to Newns before waving the fight off.

You can hear someone from Newns' team shouting 'what' as the referee ends the contest.

And the Elite Scottish champion said the following on Sunday: "Although I really appreciate everyone's support and asking if I'm ok, I feel like a broken record.

"So, here is exactly what happened in the second round of my final in the tournament in Lithuania two days ago. (Part 1)."

"I'm still very shocked from what happened and I felt like I didn't deserve this from an incompetent referee who is not doing his job properly in the final of an international competition. (Part 2)

"The way that he has completely ruined my chances in a gold medal bout after all the sacrifices and hard work that I put into boxing has left me disheartened (Part 3).

"Despite that, I still had another enjoyable trip with my friends on the team thanks to Boxing Scotland, and I look forward to getting back in the ring and aiming for more success. Thanks everyone."

The boxing world has been left shocked and they stepped in to show their support to the Scottish fighter.

Sunny Edwards: "This is the worst stoppage I've ever seen in my life."

Nick Campbell: "Hard to watch even worse when it's a good mate on the receiving end of the most incompetent/corrupt officiating I've ever seen. Chin up @newnsyjr, you're effort & sacrifice deserve a lot better than this!"

Gary Lockett: "One of the most diabolical decisions that I've seen in a long, long time."

Alex Arthur: "One of the worst stoppages I've seen in 34 yrs in the sport. Disgraceful officiating."

Dennis McCann: "And this is why I turned professional f**king cheats soon as you go abroad you get cheated simple."

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