250 people set to attend lightweight unification, according to Bob Arum

Lomachenko and Lopez are set to slug it out in front of 250 people - the first time a boxing event has allowed spectators into the arena.

Ahead of the most exciting fight of the year, it has been revealed 250 people will be allowed into the bubble to watch the event live - providing they pass all of the required tests.

Vasiliy Lomachenko will go toe-to-toe with Teofimo Lopez in a fight which has been built-up on their apparent dislike for each other.

"Hi-Tech" currently holds the WBA and WBO titles as well as being the WBC Franchise Champion (basically the WBC champion, sorry Devin Haney).

Lopez - the IBF titlist - has been promising to deliver a huge upset on October 17, where the pair trade blows in front of 250 people at the MGM Grand.

Bob Arum has confirmed there will be no tickets available to buy, with the Las Vegas promoter rewarding key workers for their role in helping the United States during the pandemic.

"This is the biggest fight of the year," said Arum about the Lomachenko vs. Lopez fight. "People have been looking forward to this fight for so long, and I want to give a shout out to ESPN for giving us the wherewithal to show this fight without an additional charge to anybody.

"People that love boxing and follow the sport are looking forward to this match as I am. One of the innovations that we'll have here is thanks to the state of Nevada that we'll be able to admit to the Bubble 250 to watch the fight under strict guidelines. So we will have a cheering audience at the fight.

"There are no tickets available," said Arum about the 250 people allowed into the Bubble at the MGM Grand. "The people that are admitted under the strict protocols will be the so-called first responders.

"We're looking to reward those people that worked in the hospitals, taking care of the COVID patients. There will be a few additional senses among the 250 given to the fight camps to invite people near and dear to them, which wouldn't have been allowed under the old protocol.

"But there will be no sales of tickets, no high rollers or any of that stuff. I think Aaron will clarify that some of those seats will be available to the media, but all under very strict monitoring protocols, which Brad Jacobs will be distributed to everybody who wants to attend the fight," said Arum.

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