Tyson Fury’s trainer commits ‘sacking offence’ as father urges Gypsy King to ‘get rid’ of ‘Judas’

John Fury has urged Tyson Fury to sack his trainer – SugarHill Steward – after the American committed a “sacking offence”.

Steward has trained Fury for his recent fights and the pair were spotted together earlier this month as the Brit started his camp ahead of his proposed fight with Oleksandr Usyk on April 29.

Talks between the fighters have now broken down so Fury is now without an opponent.

Steward also works with WBO cruiserweight champion Lawrence Okolie. He successfully defended his world title against David Light last weekend.

Ahead of this fight, SugarHill had insisted that he was purely focused on this fight and not Fury. He said: "My flight ticket says I leave on 28 March."

Fury Snr did not take too kindly to these comments as Steward is not being "loyal" to 'The Gypsy King'.

"Tyson knows my opinion and that is all those people wrapped around him want sacking. The full lot," Fury Snr told The Metro.

"If they talk about loyalty, that's not loyalty as far as I'm concerned. If you are stood by your man, shoulder to shoulder, you take it all. You're not going to pass the blame or distance yourself from him. Tyson is my son and I will stand with him until the day I die.

"That thing with SugarHill the other day, what the hell was that about? 'I'm only here for Okolie.' What was he talking about?

"When I have seen him training Tyson, he was living in Tyson's house, he had his missus there, he was using the gym and I have seen him working Tyson out. And all of a sudden, he denied him like Judas Iscariot denied Jesus Christ? What the hell was going on there?"

Fury Snr boldly went on to claim that Steward has committed a "sacking offence" and his son should "get rid".

"For me, that is a sacking offence. He will be down the road for that charade. It was upsetting. Tyson just falls in love with these people and finds out they are not who they seem to be. It is all about pound signs and he has put SugarHill where he is," Fury added.

"He gives these guys a chance like the others he has put around him and it has ended in tears. Get rid of them, and clear the board. How does the heavyweight champion need all this?

"It would be easier if he did it all himself and he has got capable people around him to help him do it. Not just me. With sound people around him we can make the right decisions and get on with it.

"Get rid of them all. They all want to be his best mate but as soon as things get a bit sticky and he gets a few bad comments, people want to distance themselves from him."

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