Tyson Fury details Deontay Wilder plan, says American has been 'clever'

Tyson Fury says he had an extreme low after his last win against Deontay Wilder - an opponent he credits with being smart in the build-up to the trilogy fight.

Tyson Fury believes Deontay Wilder has been "quite clever" in the build-up to their trilogy fight later this month and revealed his own approach will not change on July 24.

Fury vs Wilder 3 will take place just off the Las Vegas Strip at the T-Mobile Arena in around three weeks' time with Wilder looking to take the WBC heavyweight belt from the British boxer.

Fury, 32, has revealed he cannot do anything more than he is doing at his own training camp in Henderson, Las Vegas with "no stone unturned".

The Wythenshawe-born star will be defending a proud 30-0-1 record against the American he destroyed in February 2020 in seven rounds.

Despite his dominance at the MGM Grand 17 months ago and the bookmakers making him the heavy favourite, he will "not underestimate" his older opponent.

He also claimed Wilder has "nothing to lose" and so could be a dangerous obstacle, despite a flawed mentality emanating from his heavy loss last time out.

Fury does, however, think the Alabama fighter has been smart in the build-up.

In a Youtube interview with boxing journalist Gareth A Davies and promoter Susannah Schofield, Fury was asked about Wilder's silence at the recent press conference, saying: "It didn't really make me feel anything to be fair."

"I thought it was quite a clever move from Wilder," who has taunted Fury about his weight recently. "He doesn't do a lot of clever stuff, he is not the most articulate person in the world. He did something where he could not be asked questions for the things he had said.

"If he has come in and answered questions about the excuses, the press would have torn him apart, how would he answer those questions?

"So taking the vow of silence was probably the best thing he could have done."

Asked if he will you carry on where he left off in the previous fight with Wilder, he said: "Yes. I've done nothing wrong. I will continue to do what I do, keep moving forward, putting pressure on him and landing big punches.

"He's the one that is coming off a knockout loss. He is the one that sacked everyone in his team and blamed everyone.

"The first way of recovering from something is accepting what has gone on and the way he has been acting, he can't accept defeat.

"Even after all this time he has not moved on from defeat.

"He is not to be underestimated though, he has nothing to lose and everything to gain."

Training camp

With Fury deep in camp at his personal training base, he was asked how he was feeling.

"I bought a house over here in Henderson. I bought that the month before last so I have my own training compound in Las Vegas.

"I've got a full-time nutritionist - George Lockhart - three or four times we have been together now.

"No stone is unturned. I'm training really hard and a lot of smart energy rather than just hard work. A lot of dedication. Going to bed early, getting up early, eating and drinking and I can't do any more basically.

"I'm doing very well. I've been training in America for the last three months. I've been in the official training camp for over weeks now. Training is going, how training goes. A few niggling injuries but nothing to write home about.

"I am happy where everything is four weeks out. Three more weeks of training, one week of relaxation they when go and fight."

Fury was sporting a cold sore on his lip and he made it clear it was exactly that and not a cut, when he was asked about his latest sparring session.

"Sparring was alright. I did a good eight rounds with two different guys - monsters. One guy was 6ft 7in and 110kgs and the other 6ft 9in and 120kg, so pretty big guys," he added.

AJ disappointment?

With Fury's potential fight with Anthony Joshua dominating the boxing news for so long, Fury was asked whether he was disappointed that fight was called off.

"I'm pretty happy that I am fighting and I have a date. The opponent is not important. It's been a long time coming, by the time I get back into the ring it will have been 18 months out since my last fight which is a long time to say I'm nearly 33," said Fury.

"I have had a long stint of inactivity throughout my career, but I'm used to it. It's a bit difficult for Deontay Wilder when he has been active all the time, so that may play in my favour.

"I'm not disappointed. I am topping another heavyweight bill in Las Vegas, the capital of boxing."

'Joshua is a nobody in America'

Fury though remains 100% focused on the date with Wilder and he refused to even contemplate a massive clash with Joshua, which Bob Arum claims could happen in the U.K. in 2022.

"When I fight Wilder next and I get through that, then I will answer that question. I have got no interest in Anthony Joshua.

Anthony Joshua is the only fighter in Hearn's stable who will not automatically make the switch from July to DAZN (Nick Potts/PA)
Anthony Joshua is the only fighter in Hearn's stable who will not automatically make the switch from July to DAZN (Nick Potts/PA)

"What happens to fighters who look beyond their next flight, they get knocked out and I cannot afford to make that mistake.

"Over here in America, Anthony Joshua is a nobody. This is the biggest fight by far.

"Over here he is only known for getting knocked out by the fat guy who didn't train."

Suicidal thoughts after Wilder win

Fury has done a lot of work worldwide publicising mental health after it became clear he was one of the many sufferers.

In 2015 after dethroning Waldimir Klitschko with one of the greatest performances from a British fighter on foreign soil, Fury slipped into a state of depression.

He has spoken candidly about the highs and lows he has suffered during his near 13-year professional career. And he revealed he had "suicidal thoughts" in the aftermath of the win over Wilder in 2020.

"The highs are high, the lows are terrible," said Fury.

"After every extreme high, there is a lower low for me. So when I beat Wilder last time when I returned home for the first 10 days all I thought about was suicidal thoughts. So it was a very low time for me and it took two weeks to get right again.

"The higher the high, the lower the low, 100%. But it is knowing how to manage these problems. It's the maintenance word. If you know yourself and know you will get well in a few days then you will be ok.

"I have two characters. Tyson Fury as a man is a very flawed character - making mistakes, getting tempted and doing things you shouldn't do.

"The Gypsy King is untouchable and when I am in a boxing ring I have never had any trouble.

The Gypsy King has never experienced any mental issues. But when I return and morph back into myself then I have the trouble.

"The Gypsy King is a fighting animal, a spartan.

"Nothing else matters, only the fighting."

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