Tyson Fury insists he will never fight Anthony Joshua ever again after negotiation breakdown

British boxer Tyson Fury has reacted angrily to the breakdown in communications between his camp and Anthony Joshua that meant a fight between the two could not be arranged.

The potential bout between the two was the talk of the town for weeks after Fury announced that he had entered into negotiations for a fight with Joshua.

However, after seemingly endless back-and-forth - including Fury accusing Joshua of being a coward and intentionally avoiding the negotiating table - the Brit backed out and organised a third fight against countryman Derek Chisora instead.

And now, because of the whole saga, Fury has vowed to never fight Joshua ever again under any circumstances.

"The reason I believe is I didn't think they wanted it to happen, they never had any intentions of it happening beyond seven days," Fury said.

"The first week, I think they were interested in the fight. Then he realized the daunting task and he got talked out of it by his people and himself. If that wasn't the reason, he'd be here now instead of Derek, but he's not

"I've no more to say about the big useless dosser, he doesn't have any belts. He doesn't have anything I need and there will not be a fight between him and me ever, full stop, bang.

"You can put an exclamation mark there as well. There's just too much messing. I'm not going over it again, they are too hard to deal with. No more wasting time with idiots."

Fury claims he always knew Joshua would never agree to the fight and publicly accepted £10,000 in cash from promoter Frank Warren after he won a bet between the two about whether Joshua would commit to the bout.

"I believe the final excuse was their sponsors were conflicted," Fury said.

"So the sponsorship didn't let him fight me, but he wasn't the A side with Usyk and his sponsors allowed him to fight him a second time, so they can't use that. I've got sponsors, many, many sponsors, and they pay me big money. If they told me that I can't fight Derek Chisora next, do you know what I'd say? He's the middle finger, spin on it.

"What business can stand in the way of the most lucrative fight out there for him? There is no fight that can outweigh Tyson Fury. The only money fight for him is to fight me, but that bird has flown."

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