SugarHill Steward says Tyson Fury is the 'biggest puncher in boxing'

SugarHill Steward says Tyson Fury will be going for the knockout against Dillian Whyte and believes his man is the 'biggest puncher in boxing'.

The British rivals will face off at Wembley on April 23 in front of 90,000 fans at Wembley with Fury's WBC heavyweight title on the line.

The Wythenshawe-born fighter is unbeaten (31-0-1) and the bookies' favourite to retain his title having defended it successfully last time out against American heavyweight Wilder.

Fury knocked out Wilder out in the 11th round, making it the third time the American hit the canvas. And 6ft 9in Fury will be looking for the 23rd knockout of his career later this month against Whyte (28-2).

"We're going for the knockout, get that knockout every time. First round, second, third, fourth, fifth, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11 and 12," Fury's trainer Steward told Boyle Sports, via Daily Mail.

"Every round, every moment we'll be looking for the knockout, looking for that knockout punch, looking to make the guy make the mistake and when he makes the mistake we're going to catch him.

"That's the whole idea wrapped up in one. There's judges and everything but why do we want to use judges when there's two men in there who can decide this fight on their own. There's an old saying - if you want something done right do it yourself."

Whyte is a 'tremendous puncher'

Steward, a former Detroit police officer, acknowledges that Whyte has a puncher's chance against Fury.

In fact he has labelled the Brixton fighter a "tremendous puncher" but does not see anything different in the Brit from Fury's recent opponents.

"We've seen Dillian Whyte's punching power over the years, he's no different than these other heavyweights are. Everybody has a chance in the heavyweight division, that's why it's the most exciting division," said Steward.

"Everybody wants one heavyweight to hit the other heavyweight and them to go down. That's it. That's what the heavyweight division brings. That's what the heavyweight division is about. It's about that one punch knockout at any given time, it can happen.

"Yeah, Dillian Whyte has a chance. He can punch, he's a tremendous puncher. He's almost got as many knockouts as Tyson Fury. The only real difference if I'm really being honest is Tyson Fury is the knockout king."

Many analysts do not see Fury as a big puncher. Despite 22 knockouts on his record the Brit is not considered to be in the punching bracket of Anthony Joshua and Wilder.

'Knockout king'

But Steward thinks his man deserves to be the 'knockout king' after climbing off the canvas twice to knock out Wilder last October, who is considered one of biggest punchers in history.

"He dethroned the previous knockout king, so that makes Tyson legitimately the knockout king.

"He's the big puncher in boxing now, the same way he dethroned Wladimir Klitschko, he dethroned Deontay Wilder by knocking him out - giving him a taste of his own medicine - twice.

"That makes Tyson legitimately, factually the biggest puncher in boxing. You can't become the biggest puncher in boxing if you don't take out the bigger puncher."

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