Tyson Fury: 'I'm going to cheat again' in Deontay Wilder trilogy clash

After Fury was accused of a number of things after the second fight, the 6ft 9in Brit says he will "cheat again" in the trilogy fight with Wilder in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Tyson Fury has sarcastically claimed he will "cheat again" when he meets conspiracist Deontay Wilder in Saturday's trilogy clash in Las Vegas.

The 'Gypsy King' will be defending his WBC heavyweight title against a man he claims to have beaten twice before.

Fury and Wilder fought to a split-draw in the first fight in December 2018 before Fury forced the towel to come in from Wilder's corner in February 2020.

The Brit, who thought he won the first fight, later dominated the MGM Grand, Las Vegas bout and punished Wilder with a gruelling seventh-round stoppage.

From Wilder's viewpoint the stoppage was somewhat controversial and premature. The US fighter later axed his trainer Mark Breland and pointed the finger at Fury.

Wilder was convinced he had been unfairly beaten with suggestions Fury's gloves had been tampered with and that his own water had been spiked.

The Alabama man also bizarrely claimed his entrance costume was too heavy.

Fury for his part has taken all the talk in his stride and says he will "put a bit more metal in there" when the two meet again on Saturday night.

"You know what? I'm going to cheat again because I'm going to smash his face in," Fury he told The MMA Hour.

"According to him, that's cheating because he's not supposed to lose.

"Unfortunately, I'm going to cheat again. I'm going to kick his ass, Seabass!

"I had horseshoes in there. You know I'm a gypsy, don't you? You ever watch 'Peaky Blinders'? I loaded the gloves with horseshoes and dynamite.

"This time, I'm going to do the same. Put a bit more metal in there," he pointed out."

'Wilder has won two of 19 rounds'

Fury, who is aiming to weigh in at 300 pounds, has previously claimed that Wilder has had to justify his February 2020 defeat to himself with excuses.

And while he acknowledges his opponent remains dangerous, after losing just two rounds in their previous two fights, Fury is ready to taste victory again.

"It does say a lot. We've boxed 19 rounds, and he's practically won two rounds out of 19," said Fury.

"I'm not too bothered about it, but you've got to respect everyone that gets in the ring with a pair of boxing gloves on or any fight whether it's MMA, kickboxing, Muay Thai, boxing whatever - every man's trained and coming to win.

"With Deontay Wilder, in my opinion, he's come out with all this stuff. I've cheated, and I've done this. I'm a natural-born cheater.

"I must have some power, mustn't I? Because I've even got his coach on my side. Not to mention Jay Deas [Deontay Wilder co-manager], he's on my payroll, too.

"I'm like Tommy Shelby [Peaky Blinders] here. I've got them all on the payroll. He's on the payroll too, Jay Deas, because he was in the changing room while I was getting my gloves on the whole time. So he must have helped me, and Wilder's in denial about that.

"But let me just put that out there as well. You've got all this stuff. Whether he believes it or not is another thing. But he has to try and sell the fight somehow.

"He has to try and make a reason why he couldn't win. So he clearly couldn't do the reasons why in a boxing fight, so he has to make other reasons for his own self, for the people around him who are saying he can do this, he can do that."

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