'Early 2022' the target for Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury clash, says promoter

'A fit Tommy Fury is a very different proposition to Tyron Woodley.'

Frank Warren says he aims to get Tommy Fury in the ring with Jake Paul early in 2022 after the pair's scheduled meeting was axed earlier this month.

Fury (7-0) pulled out of the Tampa clash after suffering a broken rib in training. The 22-year-old was also suffering from a chest infection, which allowed Tyron Woodley to step into his boots over the weekend.

Woodley though never saw a telegraphed right-hand coming in the sixth round and that was the end of his evening. Paul scored a heavy knockdown in the rematch between the pair to take his record to 5-0. But in truth it was an event which hardly captured the imagination of the boxing purists.

The Fury match-up was clearly in the thoughts of the former YouTuber, who wore a Union-Jack themed outfit with a message to Fury on his robe.

He also wore a T-shirt at the weigh-in with 'Tommy this could have been you' on it.

While his fight-night robe read: "Hey Tommy, wish you could've been here but watching from a TV is cool too."

And promoter Warren says he aims to get the fight back on without delay.

"We will be looking to reschedule in early 2022," Warren told Sky Sports.

"Jake said that Tommy Fury was 'lucky' he wasn't in there but really Tommy was extremely unlucky to miss out with his injury.

'Fury is lucky'

"A fit Tommy Fury is a very different proposition to Tyron Woodley."

Woodley's credentials can hardly be taken seriously. In his two pro boxing fights, the UFC champion has been on the end of a defeat via a split decision and by a heavy knockdown over the weekend, both against Paul.

At 39, his boxing career will be over almost before it got started, but Paul did credit the Missouri man's toughness.

"Tommy Fury is lucky that he wasn't in there tonight, because Tyron is way tougher. He has that experience.

"Tommy probably would have looked a lot worse than that [Woodley knockout] - and that was pretty bad.

"I got the highlight reel knockout setting up that shot, because I knew he was going to try and catch the right hand coming straight, so I had to loop it around like a hook," said Paul after Saturday's fight.

It's safe to say that Fury would pose Paul more problems than his previous five contests.

Accidental elbow

With a couple of retired MMA fighters, an ex-NBA player and a social media on his conquered list, it will hardly have the former Love Island star quaking in his boots.

Woodley, who did land a couple of right hands in the third round against Paul, spent much of the fight grappling with the younger man.

While an accidental elbow cut the forehead of Paul, who was ahead on all three scorecards after five rounds.

"I had both hands up, I knew it was coming," said Woodley.

"I was ready to block the overhand and I don't know if he delayed it.

"Even if he didn't delay it, I don't know why I dropped my hand.

"In this sport, it can only take one mistake. Literally one mistake."

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