Social Zone: Tyson Fury goes solo and compares Dillian Whyte bout to ‘Ferrari vs Vauxhall Corsa’

Normally, a one-fighter press conference would go down like a lead balloon. Unless, of course, that one man is Tyson Fury.

The world heavyweight champion is set to defend his WBC crown against Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium on April 23. 

However, the public and the media will have to wait in order to see both men in the same room after Whyte failed to turn up to the first press conference. Despite this, Fury still put on an entertaining show.

BOXING: No opponent, no problem! Here's Tyson Fury being Tyson Fury as he does a face-to-face with… nobody.

BOXING: Ferrari vs Vauxhall Corsa? Fury spelling out his credentials for a possible role on Top Gear here.

BOXING: Out with Bog Dosser, and in with… "Frillian Whyteknickers"

BOXING: I mean… I have so many questions right now…

BOXING: Away from the fun and games, there was also a major announcement from Fury who revealed that the Whyte fight will be his last.

The world champion revealed the news in the only way he can.

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