Maybe the beef burgers have 'special sauce' for Canelo, says Teddy Atlas

Teddy Atlas believes Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez is bigger than his opponent Dmitry Bivol despite moving up in weight to fight him.

The Mexican is moving back up to light heavyweight after becoming the first super middleweight undisputed champion in 2021.

Canelo defeated Billy Joe Saunders and Caleb Plant to unify at 168lbs and his achievements were reflected by Ring Magazine, who named him Fighter of the Year for his two wins inside the distance.

The 31-year-old is a four-division world champion and has previously fought at light heavyweight just once in 2019. Canelo overcame a slow start and knocked Sergey Kovalev out in round 11 to win the WBO world title.

Canelo has climbed through the weights having won his first world title at junior middleweight (154lbs).

He will now bid to defeat Russia's Bivol on May 7 for the WBA regular belt at 175lbs and according to Atlas, Canelo would fight him in a phone booth if he could to get all the advantages possible.

The Hall of Fame trainer and broadcaster did say though, that Bivol will be his first 'risk' in nearly four years.

"This is the first fight for me, for Canelo since his second fight with GGG that I actually think there's a legitimate chance that his opponent can win - the first one," Atlas said on THE FIGHT.

"I didn't buy into the Saunders and Plant's undefeated records, I didn't buy into it. And I said it, I'm not being a Monday morning quarterback, I said it before the fights and a lot of people didn't like it."

Saul Canelo Alvarez, November 5, 2021

Atlas added: "If he wins the fight Bivol, it will be because of his science. It will be because he is a real good technical boxer that will control the outside, (and) gets the geography he wants.

"If he wins the fight Bivol, it will be because of his science. It will be because he is a real good technical boxer that will control the outside, (and) gets the geography he wants.

"On the outside, not in close when Canelo can use his superior power. Yeah this is a guy who started as junior middleweight and he's moved all the way up. Junior middle, middle, light heavyweight, back to middle and I can't see him going back down from light heavyweight because he is no longer close to that man anymore.

"Whether it's through the natural or unnatural things, listen I don't know (whether) it's from eating those burgers in that Mexican shop over there. Maybe the whoppers that they serve over there that have a special sauce? I don't know.

"Listen, people get mad at me but there's some truth in there. We know he tested positive for that stuff that you're not supposed to put in your veins and punch somebody. I don't know, maybe it was just a great weight programme of lifting weights, maybe that's all it is.

Canelo Alvarez

"Whatever it is, he's not the smaller guy anymore. So stop this 'he's moved up to light heavyweight and he beat a light heavyweight'. He's a light heavyweight, he's bigger than the light heavyweights now legitimately, he's stronger.

"He's thicker, just look at him. So he's the bigger, stronger guy in there with a naturally bigger guy who was born to be bigger. He's bigger. So if he's going to win, Canelo, he's going to have to get in the range to engage Bivol enough to use his advantages, to hurt Bivol to make him feel his power of the smaller man who he's now bigger (than).

"He's going to have to hurt him in the body, take some of the air out of his legs - the tyres like I like to say on ESPN, take some of the air out of those radios so he can use his legs.

"Bivol wins two ways: Jab and legs. I think it's going to be very interesting to see how big this ring is because if Canelo, who is the golden goose of boxing, gets his way with everything and he lays the golden eggs. If his people get their way, it's going to be fought in a telephone booth.

"The smaller the ring, the better for Canelo. The bigger the ring, the better for Canelo. That's the first part of the fight."

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