Richard Riakporhe hands Deion Jumah first defeat with a knockout victory in Wembley Arena

The two Brits dueled it out in Wembley Arena on Saturday night, and Riakporhe was able to extend his unbeaten record to 14-0 with an eighth round stoppage.

Richard Riakporhe secured a stunning victory against British rival Deion Jumah on Saturday night, with the 32-year-old recording a 10th career knockout in just 14 fights.

A cagey opening suggested Jumah may have been right by suggesting that Riakporhe had made a mistake in taking the fight, with Jumah able to slip most of his shots in the early rounds.

Momentum looked to be building in Jumah's favour until the fourth round, when Riakporhe landed a vicious right-hand to drop his opponent.

Hardly making the count, Jumah was lucky that only 10 seconds remained in the fourth before the bell came to his rescue.

However, he was able to recover in the fifth and land some spiteful shots of his own, with Riakporhe unable to capitalise on his knockdown.

It anything, Jumah grew into the fight more after hitting the canvas, and despite being knocked down he was able to claw his way back into contention on the scorecards.

But, Riakporhe's one-punch power proved to be the difference again in the eighth round, as he struck below Jumah's guard, with a stinging right-hand to his midriff.

On the canvas again, Jumah wasn't able to recover this time around, giving the referee no choice but to stop the fight.

The victory extends Riakporhe's record to an impressive 14-0, while he also inflicted the first defeat of Jumah's career, with the 32-year-old's record now reading 14-1.

Richard Riakporhe secured an eighth round win over Deion Jumah

Following his win, Riakporhe paid his opponent a lot of respect, but suggested his patience is what allowed him to win the bout.

"I'm so happy we got the win," said Riakporhe.

"Big respect to Deion Jumah, he was giving me a lot of problems in there and I had to be patient.

"I was mentally prepared for him to be awkward and slippery, but I just needed to be patient and wait for the opportunity."

Riakporhe also praised the instructions given to him by trainer Angel Fernandez, who warned his fighter after the fifth round that he had to improve or else he'd lose the fight.

"I got some amazing instructions from Angel Fernandez and my team.

"Sometimes you need to say those things because it hits home. We're on a mission and we want to go places, so I took heed and just came out and did what I needed to do."

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