Nigel Benn rubbishes Chris Eubank Jr claim before legacy bout: ‘I don’t think he’s coming in at 60%’

Nigel Benn has rubbished Chris Eubank Jr’s claim that he only needs to be at 60% to beat Conor Benn in their legacy bout on October 8.

The Benn vs Eubank rivalry is one of the most memorable in boxing history and it continues next month when the sons of the legendary boxers do battle at the O2 Arena in London.

Eubank Jr has been doing his best to get into Benn's head in the build-up, suggesting that he is taking him very lightly ahead of their catchweight bout.

The more experienced Eubank Jr has even claimed that he would still beat Benn if he was only at 60%.

While this is likely tongue in cheek, Benn is renowned for his work ethic and he will no doubt be at his best for this historic clash.

Nigel Benn is confident that Eubank Jr is in fact "training hard" and the legend thinks his son's opponent "is just like his old man":

"To me, Conor's career is really only starting now, and I love the way it's going because the dedication, determination, will to win, he's got everything," Nigel told IFL TV.

"He's treating it like any other fight, and the training hasn't changed because he's always training bloody intense anyway. He didn't have to change anything.

"Now, he's more mature than the last two fights. He's just grown. He's [Eubank Jr a lot like his old man, isn't he? He's got to do something different. If he feels he's got to train 60%, more for him because I know Conor is going to come in 100%.

"I don't believe he's coming in at 60%. He'll be training hard; I know that. To be honest with you, we're not even thinking about him. He's done the sparring, he's done the running."

Conor Benn went onto insist that he is ready to step up to face more experienced and rounded opponents:

"He talks about experience and big occasions and that he's been there. He's trying to old man handle me and all that," Conor Benn added about Eubank Jr.

"Listen, everyone, I've fought has had more experience. Algieri had fought Pacquiao and Spence on big occasions and big fights. Everyone I'm going to be fighting from now on will have more experience.

"What am I supposed to do then? Keep fighting the same people I've been fighting? When I fight for a world title next year, they're going to be more experienced."

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