Natasha Jonas offers free food and boxing lessons to struggling families

“[We] can't change the world, but we can change our little bit..."

Liverpool fighter Natasha Jonas has revealed that she is offering free food packages and free boxing lessons to families in her area who are struggling to get by.

This news comes after the area of Merseyside was moved into Tier 3 to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, gyms have been closed in the area.

Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford has received a lot of praise of late with him campaigning for the government to provide free school meals to children across the country.

Rashford's movement has not been approved yet, with Boris Johnson continuing to reject his proposal. But with pressure mounting, people across the country have taken it upon themselves to offer free food to underprivileged families.

Jonas, with the help of her brother and cousin, has joined in with this. It is a campaign close to their heart, as Jonas grew up in the Toxteth area of Liverpool and she often had to rely on free school meals.

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The mother-of-one is using her brother's gym facility to provide free sessions to people in her local area. Jonas told the BBC that she took inspiration from Rashford's initiative and was eager to find a way to help:

"I had seen cafes giving people lunch or breakfast, and I thought 'how can I help?

"[We] can't change the world, but we can change our little bit.

"We come from a working-class background [and] struggled growing up - Toxteth wasn't the greatest place, there was a lot of unemployment.

"My cousin had just started a meal pack company from my brother's gym and we got him involved to provide food.

"We have had a mentality that, in Liverpool, we always stick together.

"We have stood together for keeping the gyms being open, so we wanted to give something back and do these sessions."

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Jonas is the latest in a long line of sporting figures who have pledged to help with this campaign. She has also confirmed that her boxing sessions will be held across Liverpool and Wirral in private, to protect the privacy of the families involved.

It says a lot about the Olympian's character that she is actively trying to improve the lives of people from her community. Whenever sporting personalities like her do good like this, it fills you with pride because they do not by no means have to do all this work.

But given her background growing up in Liverpool, Jonas will be aware how much of a difference her work will make for struggling families.

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