Mike Tyson 'will kill' Logan Paul if the pair fight each other in 2022

"He’s not going to be able to do anything to Mike. Mike’s going to kill him. Mike might not even hurt him; Mike might get in there and play with him."

Jake Paul and fellow YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan have been warned they are putting the sport in dispute by boxing.

The pair have took advantage of their huge following on social media to become boxers with Jake fighting as a professional and Logan taking part in exhibitions.

Logan Paul has had the highest profile bout possible, taking on Floyd Mayweather in an eight-round exhibition showdown this summer.

Jake has fought four professional fights, winning three of them inside the distance as well as a points win over Tyron Woodley - a former UFC welterweight world champion.

He will return to the ring on December 18 in Florida to take on long-time rival Tommy Paul which is a pay-per-view event in America and the UK.

Logan meanwhile is plotting a return and has even called out 55-year-old legend Mike Tyson.

He has even said that he would beat Tyson if their paths were to cross. "Iron Mike" returned for an exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr. in 2020, with the event delivering more than one million pay-per-view buys in America.

However, former titlist Tim Witherspoon believes it would be a dangerous fight for Paul should he secure a fight against Tyson.

"I think they should separate that type of entertainment so everybody knows it's only exhibitions," Witherspoon told The Sun.

"It's a shame that those two brothers are running up there and disrespecting boxers who have really worked hard.

"You know what, there is nobody who is in the top ten current rankings that these brothers are fighting, those brothers know what they're doing they're trying to get top guys on TV who are no longer in their peak or non boxers.

"But majority of the people know that they're not going to win against a top ten ranked real boxer. Mike Tyson will kill him.

Mike Tyson 2019

"He's not going to be able to do anything to Mike. Mike's going to kill him. Mike might not even hurt him; Mike might get in there and play with him.

"So it's not real serious stuff. And the commission allowed this stuff."

"I would describe his boxing career as something he does for entertainment, for fun and because he loves it. Mine is a lot more serious. I want to become a world champion, 10-0 and retire undefeated," Jake Paul told Seconds Out when comparing his career to Logan's.

"He started his career of a loss, so it's a little hard to come back from that. But he's still a great fighter and he still sells tons of pay-per-views.

"I feel like there's a healthy rivalry in everything we do, I think we're each other's biggest competitors because who else is doing what we're doing?

"So he's got a bright future in the sport, as crazy as it is."

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