Fans worry over Mike Tyson after the baddest interview on the planet

Tyson's interview on ITV's Good Morning Britain was a disaster...

Mike Tyson has sparked worry amongst the boxing fraternity after appearing to slur his words during an interview on Good Morning Britain.

Chatting to hosts Susana Reid and Piers Morgan, the former undisputed heavyweight champion was not in the best of form whilst chatting to the pair ahead of his exhibition showdown with Roy Jones Jr.

Iron Mike, who retired in 2005 after tasting defeat to Kevin McBride, was asked a number of questions by Morgan, including whether he will be supporting Donald Trump in the upcoming American presidential election.

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However, a weary looking Tyson was not in the mood to elaborate on his answers to Piers.

'How do you feel, are you in the kind of nick you were in 15 years ago?', asked Piers.

'Pretty much, I am just ready to do this, I feel really good, I am ready to do this,' Tyson answered

Morgan: 'In three weeks, we've obviously got your big clash coming. But also the US Presidential election. You've been friends with Donald Trump for a very long time, do you think he can win again?'

Tyson: 'Well, anything is possible, people should go to the voting booth and people should vote'.

Piers: 'You're able to vote for the first time in quite a long time, aren't you? Is that important to you?'

Tyson: 'Yes, because it's true, that's very important to me. I get to cast my vote and vote for who I want to vote for. I'm not talking politics. Anyone can vote for anyone, but please vote.'

Fans have questioned as to whether Tyson was high or just tired because of the differing time zones from across the Atlantic. Then again, maybe he was reluctant to talk to Piers Morgan - if so, we can sympathise with you there, Mike.

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