Logan Paul insists "no one can survive” Jake Paul’s right hand after Ben Askren KO

The YouTube star stopped former MMA world champion Ben Askren in the first round last Saturday night on pay-per-view.

Jake Paul has a "heavy right hand" that "no one can survive", according to his brother Logan Paul.

The YouTube star returned to the ring on Saturday night against former Bellator world champion Ben Askren.

On paper, this was by far his toughest test to date. Up to now, Paul had picked up stoppage victories over fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib and NBA star Nate Robinson.

Askren was never renowned as being a strong boxer. This played right into Paul's hands-on fight night at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta.

In the opening round, Paul landed a flush right hand that dropped Askren to the canvas. The former MMA star returned to his feet but he looked shaken as the referee called time on the contest.

Paul looks set to continue to pursue a career in boxing and he has previously called out the likes of Conor McGregor and Dillon Danis.

The internet star has also gone back and forth with Tommy Fury, who is the brother of Tyson Fury.

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It is unclear yet who his next opponent will be, but his brother Logan has told MMA Junkie that Jake will carry on proving people wrong:

"What the f*** did y'all expect? Stop doubting Jake. Every fight, I'm like, 'Ehhhh.' Stop doubting Jake.

"He's not who you think he is. He's not the YouTube kid anymore. He's a f***ing bad mother ***er with a heavy right hand.

"There's a reason … no one can survive those. No one has. And he's gonna continue doing so. Doubt him all you want, but you're gonna be wrong every time."

Meanwhile, Askren has told ESPN that the Paul fight did not mean anything to him:

"Why was the public so interested in two guys who weren't very good at boxing, boxing? It's kind of mind-blowing.

"What does [the fight] mean to me? It doesn't mean anything. A fight that doesn't mean anything to me, the way it captured the public's attention and everyone had an opinion on it -- was so fascinating.

"This is a fight that had little significance in my life and the [Jorge] Masvidal fight had gigantic significance."

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What next for boxing's supervillain?

Paul is the most hated individual in the sport at the moment. But as much as he is disliked, you have to admire how smart he is being during his run as a boxer.

After picking up convincing wins over fellow personalities, he has now stepped in with and steamrolled past an ex-UFC fighter.

While Askren has never been known as a talented boxer, Paul still comes out of it with more credibility than he had before the fight.

You should expect him to take one or two more fights against MMA fighters next. People want to see him get knocked out and bouts with these fighters - whatever their background may be - will offer just enough intrigue to the public despite Paul most likely still being the favourite.

Paul knows what he's doing, so it would be a big surprise to see him step in with someone like Fury next. Going from facing MMA stars to a legitimate pro boxer is obviously a huge jump.

The YouTuber will want to milk this for as long as he possibly can. He will become more hated and earn more money in the process, but you just hope that he is brought down a peg or two sooner rather than later…

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