KSI’s manager offers to ‘take out rehydration clause’ in contract so Dillon Danis ‘has no excuses’

KSI’s manager has responded to Dillon Danis after he hinted that his fight with the YouTuber will not go ahead as planned on January 14.

KSI is scheduled to return to the ring at the OVO Arena Wembley in a six-round contest against Danis, a close friend of Conor McGregor and an MMA fighter for Bellator.

It is now just short of two weeks until the pair are due to meet in the ring, but Danis has taken aim at KSI's team for "trying to do weird things" with the contract.

"I feel like this fight won't happen," Danis told Chael Sonnen.

"I feel like they're starting to get scared, I think they saw clips or people like you saying I was going to win.

"They're trying to make weird things in the contract now two weeks before, I feel like they're looking for a way out."

Danis later went into more detail to explain how the rehydration clause is planned to be enforced.

"The fight is at 177lb. They want me to be four pounds heavier the day of the fight by 4 p.m.," Danis added.

"So the fights at 7 or 8 p.m. and they want me to weigh in at 4 p.m. the day of the fight only four pounds heavier or five pounds, something stupid.

"Every pound that I do not make the weight on the second day I get a penalty which is very heavy for each pound.

"If I make weight the day before, why do I have to make weight again the day of the fight?"

Mams Taylor is KSI's manager and he is also the boss of Misfits Boxing.

To ensure that the January 14 main event goes ahead, Taylor has offered to remove the rehydration clause from the contract.

"Ok how's this… even though you signed and agreed to the contract 2 months ago… We will take out the rehydration clause entirely so you have no excuses left to back out now. Nowhere to run."

Danis' comments may have been a ploy to get more money as Misfits Boxing cannot afford to lose another main event.

KSI was scheduled to fight fellow YouTuber Alex Wassabi on August 27 but he instead faced rapper Swarmz and pro boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda in one night.

Swarmz and Pineda were very low-calibre opponents and KSI was able to brush aside both opponents with relative ease.

He is likely to fight three times next year, with a bout against Joe Fournier or Tyron Woodley possible before he battles Jake Paul.

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