Josh Taylor's win over Jack Catterall to be investigated by British Board of Control

Josh Taylor's victory against Jack Catterall is set to be investigated by the BBBofC.

Josh Taylor's win over Jack Catterall is set to be investigated by the British Boxing Board of Control after controversial scorecards gave the Scot victory.

Despite a dominant performance by Catterall, Taylor was given the nod, much to the anger and confusion of the boxing fraternity.

The challenger landed more significant punches in the jabs department and it seemed certain Catterall would get his hand raised after Taylor was docked a point.

However, Taylor got the verdict in Glasgow and it included a 114-111 score by Ian John-Lewis,

Josh Taylor celebrate victory in the junior welterweight bout against Jack Catterall at the OVO Hydro, Glasgow. Picture date: Saturday February 26, 2022.

He said: "We will be looking into it. There were some very close rounds, it was a very close, very scrappy fight, and I have asked for reports from the judges which we will be studying this week.

"Our judges are honest people, and scored it as they saw it. I was there, and I thought Catterall pipped it."


Eddie Hearn: "They robbed him. You can say, 'He'll get another chance,' but he'll never get another chance like that.

"Never get a chance to become undisputed again, a chance to earn the kind of money if the right decision would've been made."

Anthony Joshua: "I'm not a judge, but sometimes I feel the fans judge fights themselves and it's clear to see who wins, who loses.

"When the majority are swaying one way, it's important to listen. But what will be done about it? Who knows."

Ben Shalom: "I'm actually embarrassed because I'm promoting this event… That's heartbreaking for Jack.

"I'm embarrassed… If there's not an inquest, it's gonna harm the sport. I'm not just embarrassed, I'm really angry."

Chris McKenna from the Daily Star said: "I can tell you now how that investigation will go. Like every one of the others.

"The judges will be asked to give their views, they will be taken on board and the board will say they respect their opinions and they will be judging again next weekend."

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