Jake Paul claims he’s 'moving on' with Tommy Fury 'hiding', makes $15m demand for fight in UK

"Show me $15million. Because, here in America, we do more PPV buys, more ticket sales and more sponsorships."

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has claimed that he is "moving on" from Tommy Fury after the Brit was refused entry into the United States.

Paul was initially due to face Fury last December, though the latter had to pull out as a result of an injury.

The unbeaten Paul instead fought ex-UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley, in a rematch.

After winning on points the first time around, he knocked out Woodley via a vicious right-hand in the sixth.

Paul vs Fury has since been reorganised and it is due to take place at Madison Square Garden on August 6. Amanda Serrano is set to face Brenda Carabajal on the undercard.

Tommy - the younger brother of Tyson Fury - was scheduled to fly to the USA for a press conference earlier this week but Homeland Security did not let him fly.

This is due to the Fury's alleged links to US crime boss Daniel Kinahan. Tyson was reportedly denied entry into the states last month.

This week's developments have cast fresh doubt over the Paul-Fury fight. The YouTuber may be forced to find a replacement opponent.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, Paul claimed that he was prepared to move on from Fury:

"Tommy Fury is hiding. B***h made.

"Tyson Fury lawyer never got back to my team on setting up escrow for our $1M bet.

"Never believed in his brother. Instructed my team to do a Hova (Jay-Z) and move On to the Next One."

Paul posted a video to social media on Wednesday. He then said that he wanted to be shown $15m to fight Fury in the UK:

"We have spoken to Tommy Fury's lawyers, they're all advising him to just go to the embassy to get his visa.

"That's all he has to do. But Tommy is showing no urgency, he hasn't gone yet, he's not communicating with us on what he's doing.

"This is another case of Tommy Fumbles just being scared to fight me. I think that's what this is. I think the Fury family's trying to manipulate something to get me to fight in the UK.

"You want me to fight in the UK? Show me $15million. Because, here in America, we do more PPV buys, more ticket sales and more sponsorships.

"I've shown you the money, we're ready to go. MSG, August 6th. Tommy, you're going to miss the biggest pay day of your life because you want me to go to the UK?

"I'll come there just show me the money but you can't do that. This is embarrassing. Go to the embassy, get your visa, stop ducking me and stop wasting my time."

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