Jake Paul sets the bar high with Canelo Alvarez dream

Jake Paul has got big plans for his boxing career and says he is taking the sport more "seriously than 99% of these 'professional' boxers that are out there".

Jake Paul says he aims to be the "most disruptive boxer in the history of the sport" and has set his sights on a fight with superstar Canelo Alvarez.

YouTube sensation Paul continues to divide opinion with boxing purists struggling to get on board with the 24-year-old.

Paul though states he is deadly serious about his boxing career and believes the "sky is the limit" after crossing over from online streaming.

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The Ohio-born fighter though will have to step up his opponents if he is to start gaining the recognition of the boxing world. His three fights to date have produced wins over social media star AnEsonGib, former basketball player Nate Robinson and retired MMA fighter Ben Askren.

Paul will take on former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley on August 28. And while the 39-year-old, who is making his pro boxing debut, is a world away from Canelo, the Missouri-born fighter can certainly punch.

Footage has emerged of Woodley getting into shape with some fierce punching and impressive speed and the 5ft 7in is in confident mood.

"At the end of the day, he's gonna get beat up. He's gonna get knocked out," Woodley told Michael Bisping's Believe You Me podcast.

"Hopefully, it's not too bad because what's happening is, his people are gassing him up that he can win. He accepted this fight, and I was very surprised he accepted this fight."

Paul though, whose saying is "anyone, any time, any place", has a plan to continue his upward curve in the sport and fight more "serious" opponents.

"I just want to continue to be the most disruptive boxer in the history of the sport," Paul told TMZ Sports.

"That means taking this on a fight-by-fight basis and continuing to get even bigger and take on more and more serious opponents.

"If you told me where I was going to be at three years ago, I wouldn't believe you, so I don't even want to think about, or 'cap' myself, with the possibilities."

Paul vs Canelo, why not baby?

Paul, who has a fight with Alvarez (56-1-2) as his target, is focused on making a success of his new career.

"I'm open minded and I think anything is possible - I think I could be fighting against Canelo Alvarez for the WBC or the WBO championship belt. Why not, baby?

"A lot of people are afraid to try, they're afraid to get up out of their seats, they're afraid to do something different - but that's them, that's not me," he added.

"I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, and that's why there's a difference between successful and non-successful people in this world.

"So really, the sky is the limit.

"It's just about how seriously I take it, and I do take it seriously; more seriously than 99% of these 'professional' boxers that are out there."

Alvarez vs Paul is just a distant dream for the latter at this moment in time. Ranked the number one Pound for Pound boxer in the world, Alvarez is a phenomenon.

YouTuber Logan Paul goes the distance with Floyd Mayweather
YouTuber Logan Paul goes the distance with Floyd Mayweather

The Mexican has a string of impressive wins under his belt. Billy Joe Saunders, Callum Smith, Gennadiy Golovkin and Shane Mosely have all been beaten.

The recent win over Saunders saw Alvarez unify the super middleweight division and he only has one loss to his name, against Floyd Mayweather Jr in 2013.

Alvarez even invited Paul for a sparring session in December after claiming his involvement in the sport was "disrespectful".

Paul labelled 'disrespectful'

"Ya know, it's all about the money," Canelo told TMZ.com, via a translator. "I don't think we would agree that people that are basketball players, that are YouTubers get licenses. Ya know, I don't criticise (the Paul brothers). This is a very risky sport, and if you go up there, it's very risky."

"I truly believe that it's a lack of respect. It's all based on money. It's all for money. I'm focused right now on other projects.

"I have other stuff going on, and I would invite him for a sparring session so that he truly knows what it's all about," said Canelo

While former US reality boxing star Ishe Smith had little time for Paul's comments.

The 42-year-old, who starred on the US series The Contender commented on an ESPN Ringside post about the Paul interview: "Canelo would f***ing kill you, and it's disrespectful to say you take the sport more serious than 99 percent of the boxers! Well fight a real f***ing fighter then and stop with the MMA bulls**t."

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