Virat Kohli looking to follow into the footsteps of world champion Mary Kom

The cricket captain has spoke of his admiration for the former six-time world champion as he prepares to enter fatherhood.

Cricketing superstar Virat Kohli has revealed he hopes to follow into the footsteps of six-time world champion MC Mary Kom.

Kohli was referring to his compatriot after speaking about how he would juggle the responsibility of being a father and captain of the Indian national side live on Instagram.

The batsman is expecting his first child with actor wife Anushka Sharma in January and cited Kom as the perfect role model.

Speaking to "Magnificent Mary" and Pep Guardiola, Kohli said: "I can't think of anyone better than you to talk about being a parent and have a busy career like you."Being a mother, training, all those championships, how did you do it, how did you find the balance?"

Kom, who was the only Indian to participate at the 2012 London Games and win a medal - admitted the secrets behind her success was within her household.

"After my marriage, my husband has been a pillar of my strength. The support he gives me is immense. He takes care of everything that I could ask for, he is the ideal husband and father," she said. "Also my children are second to none."

The former flyweight champion achieved more than Katie Taylor in the amateur game having won six World Championships as well as becoming the only boxer in history to win medals at seven tournaments.

In 2012, Kom was appointed as Super Fight League ambassador - an MMA promotional company fronted by Amir Khan.

Kohli, who said he wished he was AB De Villiers after the South African led his Royal Challengers Bangalore side to victory in the IPL, spoke of his admiration for 'the other challenges' she may have faced in her sport.

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"You are such an inspiration not only for the women of the country but for everyone. What you have achieved in your sport, against all odds, against the shortcomings be it the facilities and all the other challenges that you must have faced."

"You keep going through and finding your path is something that is so inspirational for everyone. I just wanted to say that you are a great inspiration for all of us. I am really honored that I am getting to ask you these questions," Kohli said.

"We are in the journey to become parents ourselves, we take a lot of inspiration from what you have done, we are going to follow the same path."

"If I talk about my journey, it won't finish so early," Kom said.

"You will always have naysayers, so many people are talking negatively, the good things we do only last for a few days. These naysayers distract and disturb me a lot sometimes."

"Many people are inspired by me as well as you (Kohli). There are so many legends in our country, some of whom have inspired me. They battled great odds before achieving success and they are my actual heroes."

The former Olympian also commented on the postponement of the Tokyo Games, which will now take place next summer because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

"First I was so surprised. This news came as shock to us. I have been fighting for almost 20 years. So I was shocked but life and routine are the same even after the postponement," she said.

"I only miss training with the (sparring) partners as at home you cannot have that. As of now, I do running, skipping and I am preparing at home only to improve myself. It's really sad for athletes," she added.

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