Hilarious video shows fans snubbing Floyd Mayweather for Anthony Joshua

Mayweather may have retired undefeated but he took a loss at a meet-and-greet alongside the former heavyweight champion.

Anthony Joshua and Floyd Mayweather were the two top attractions at an event in May 2017 where they met boxing fans.

The footage - which has gone viral on social media - can see Mayweather, at times, looking lost as fans walk past him to meet Joshua.

The first part of the video sees a man pass over his baby to Joshua as they pose in a photo together while another clip shows Mayweather preparing to shake the hand of a woman who goes past him without even acknowledging him.

Joshua is then seen pulling Mayweather closer to him and the woman for a photo of the three.

Social media users commented below the tweet.

One account said: "The way AJ made sure to include him by putting his hand on his shoulder he definitely picked up on Floyd's sad vibes."

Another person said: "It's either people in the UK have no idea of what happens outside UK or they just don't like him."

"He definitely cried like a baby in his RollsRoyce on the way home," another added.

At the time, Joshua's popularity was at an all-time high after unifying the heavyweight division in April of that year.

The 2012 Olympic champion dethroned Wladimir Klitschko in round 11 of an incredible fight at Wembley Stadium in front of 90,000 fans.

Mayweather, meanwhile, had a record of 49-0 and was preparing to fight for the final time against UFC star Conor McGregor.

The fight would take place in August 2017, with Mayweather winning via TKO in round 10 of their crossover boxing fight.

It delivered the second highest pay-per-views in boxing history with 4.3 million buys in America and generated around $600m in revenue.

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