Floyd Mayweather wants 'minimum' of $200m for boxing comeback as Pacquiao rumours continue

'Money' last fought Conor McGregor in 2017 and extended his record to 50-0 but has not fought at professional level since.

Floyd Mayweather has claimed he would need $200 million to return to the ring in a sanctioned professional bout.

The American has remained fighting in the sport but not as a pro with bouts against Tenshin Nasukawa, Logan Paul and Don Moore.

There was talk of Mayweather facing Conor McGregor again and while it remains a possibility, it will not be next with McGregor with the Irishman having two fights left on his UFC contract.

Mayweather has beaten boxing's biggest names, including Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto, Oscar De La HoyaCanelo Alvarez and Shane Mosley.

The 45-year-old has hinted that he will have another three fights this year, with one of them being his 51st professional contest.

I'm still the most talked about motherf***** in boxing and I don't even fight any more," Mayweather told Fight Hype.

"All I do is rob the bank and they're going to continue to pay me. I got three more exhibitions this year, could be one fight and fighting in two exhibitions. But guess what, you better know it's at least and this is the lowest I'm talking about $200 million."

It means Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2 could be on the cards. Sean Gibbons - head of MP Promotions - told Planet Sport that they were open to the rematch but had to be this year.

"Let's go," said Gibbons. "(I) would love to see it but Mayweather wants none of this smoke due to his ego.

"Senator Pacquiao would love an exhibition (against Mayweather). If he was to return it would be this year - But that is a big if," Gibbons added when asked about a potential Pacquiao comeback.

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