Floyd Mayweather reveals one thing that could tempt him to make a comeback

Floyd Mayweather has refuted claims about a possible bout with bad boy Adrien Broner but told Fight Hype that he could return to the ring for entertaining fights'.

"Money" recently fought Logan Paul in an eight round exhibition bout in Miami but has not put his undefeated record on the line since reaching 50-0 against Conor McGregor in 2017.

The crossover bout generated 4.3 million pay-per-view buys, the second most lucrative of all-time after Mayweather-Pacquiao in 2015 at 4.6 million. Mayweather outpointed Manny Pacquiao via unanimous decision.

Despite teasing fans of a potential return, Mayweather intends to follow into the footsteps of his late uncle and father by becoming a trainer.

"I'm retired. I'm through with boxing. It don't hurt to stay in shape. 'Your body's your temple. Just in the gym keeping sharp.

"Not for boxing, just for myself. Training fighters and enjoying myself during this pandemic."

Mayweather was also involved in an exhibition match against kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in 2018.

The American knocked him out inside 140 seconds of the exhibition and earned an eye-watering $9million in the process.

The multiple weight world champion reiterated he would not be fighting any boxers and intends to become a coach. However, he did leave the door open to low-risk 'entertainment' fights meaning Jake Paul could be a future opponent.

"I say this, You guys sell out little arenas and do some little baby numbers. Not bad," he said. "But I'm older and a lot wiser, meaning, I don't want to end up like my uncle and end up like a lot of fighters when you don't know when to hang it up.

"When you're fighting for everybody else instead of fighting for yourself. Even with Conor McGregor, it was smart of my behalf and smart on his behalf.

"Because if he can't beat Mayweather, let him try and share the ring with him so he can make more money than any MMA or any other fighter. Even if we did again, it's entertainment and it's business.

"Once again I'll tell you, I'm not boxing no boxers, at all. None. I'm retired and I love my life. I enjoy being retired. If I see an opportunity where I can entertain and have a little fun and make $600m, why not?," he added.

"If I was to come back and fight a fighter, why fight a fighter who can only sell out little seats? I like to face guys that once again have countries behind them.

"If I am going to do something, it's got to be worth it. There's no number worth me getting back in the ring and fighting these young fighters and getting wear and tear on my body.

"Am I fighting these young fighters? No. I'm retired. 'I'm retired from the sport of boxing. I'm training, having fun and enjoying life. I don't want for nothing."

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