Floyd Mayweather Jr fought Conor McGregor as it was a 'quick bank robbery'

"You know, it gets no bigger than Floyd Mayweather.’’

Floyd Mayweather Jr has claimed that he only came back to fight Conor McGregor because it was an easy payday.

Back in 2017, Mayweather and McGregor clashed in a huge crossover fight at the MGM Grand. Everything about this fight was big, from the build-up to the fight itself. The duo are two of the best at selling an event in all of sport.

When the fight was first announced, it was considered a farce as no one truly believed that McGregor had a chance of winning. This changed in the lead-up, as McGregor talked himself up that much so people believed he had a chance.

This did wonders to sell the bout, but it did prove to be a procession victory for Mayweather who earned around $100m for the night's work.

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Mayweather Jr recently spoke with USA Today about the fight, and he also claimed that the potential fight between McGregor and Manny Pacquiao will not be as big:

"I just came back [out of retirement for McGregor] for a quick bank robbery, a quick heist.

"[McGregor] is not going to get the money he got with me if he goes with Pacquiao. It's not going to be as big. You know, it gets no bigger than Floyd Mayweather.''

Mayweather also seemed to confirm that he was finished with professional boxing:

He added: "I been walked. I've been walked away. No more fighting for me. That's for the young guys."

"Why wouldn't I be happy?' I got all my five senses. God woke me up to see another day. My youngest daughter's doing great in school. My son is doing his music. My other son is doing apparel.

"All my investments are doing great. You know, I've got fighters fighting on Halloween night. My career went great, and Mayweather Promotions is the best in the business."

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Throughout his career, Mayweather Jr has been a real trendsetter with how he has been able to sell his bouts to fight fans. This was typified with the McGregor fight, as although it disappointed in the ring, it was a huge success commercially.

It was a genius move for Mayweather to take that fight, as he came out of it unscathed and over $100m richer.

A potential bout between McGregor and Pacquiao will be big no doubt, but you cannot imagine it coming close to matching the Mayweather fight in terms of revenue.

It would not be a surprise to see 'Money' return again with more exhibition fights. You cannot blame him for that as there will always be interest in these bouts from certain fans. You just hope that any potential bout offers a bit more entertainment than Mayweather vs McGregor did…

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