Exclusive: Wladimir Klitschko has 'unfinished business' with Tyson Fury

"He had a rematch clause for the Tyson Fury fight which never happened. And this is what he calls unfinished business."

Wladimir Klitschko could make a sensational comeback next year in a bid to beat George Foreman's boxing record.

Alexander Krassyuk, Head of K2 Promotions, claims the boxing legend has 'unfinished business' with Tyson Fury.

The pair fought in 2015 and despite being a huge underdog for the contest, Fury outpointed Klitschko to end his 11-year dominance in the heavyweight division.

A rematch was expected only for Fury to pull out due to being declared medically unfit to fight.

Klitschko would never get the chance to avenge his defeat and instead fought Anthony Joshua in 2017.

Klitschko retired after his brave loss to AJ but has teased fans about a comeback to beat Foreman's record as oldest heavyweight champion.

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Big George was 45 years and 299 days old when he beat Michael Moorer to win the WBA and IBF straps. And Krassyuk believes Klitschko is eyeing up a piece of history but his return will not be this year.

"Many people are talking about that (his return). He himself has not taken the final decision but he never said it won't happen," Krassyuk exclusively told Planet Sport.

"I know boxing is in his heart and boxing is in his mind and I know there are some things which he calls unfinished business. He had a rematch clause for the Tyson Fury fight which never happened. And this is what he calls unfinished business.

"It's never been serious or on purpose to make this fight happen but he was saying that this is unfinished business and is something that can motivate him and give him the incentive to come back.

"The other motivation that he can have is to become the oldest heavyweight champion of all-time. I don't like this word because he is not old. That is another thing that will motivate him. He's in brilliant shape and is taking care of himself. He's training hard every day, looking after his body, his mind and mentally he is very strong.

"He's much stronger than he was 15 or 20 years ago, he can do it. According to my calculation the age of George Foreman, he will turn in January next year so there is no practical reason if he decides to come back by the end of the year."

Despite having won all four major world titles, Fury is yet to defend any of them and his rematch against Deontay Wilder has been pushed back after the Englishman tested positive for Covid-19.

They will now collide on October 9 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. According to reports, Fury has since tested negative for Covid-19 and flown back to England.

An arbitration ruling blocked the chance of an all-British showdown between Fury and Anthony Joshua but it was no surprise to Usyk's manager.

"It's a matter of common reason. Two people had an agreement for three fights. Two fights happened and the third didn't happen because for some reason the contract expired.

"The contract expired but the obligations did not expire and the third fight did not take place because of Covid, something that cannot be ruled by any party.

"The possibility of the ruling at the arbitration was so high it wasn't understandable for me why everyone was neglecting that. At the end of the day, the arbitration said that the third fight has to happen and it is still not happening but hopefully someday it will.

"The president of any organisation has to be so strong and to find the middle in those issues between big fights, mandatories and to combat proper politics between the camps, promoters, fighters and not do that in the eyes of the public.

"The arbitration has to be followed - 100%. No one absolutely can influence it but if those fights like AJ or like Fury and Wilder are postponed then there is always no reason to call for the interim title for example.

"This is the specific condition for the interim not when someone is asking for it but when the fight is not happening and two fighters are committed to fight each other and if some extraordinary things take place then the interim has to come in."

Asked about whether he believes Covid-19 was the real reason behind the collapse of the third fight on July 24, Krassyuk refused to comment but shared his experiences since becoming a promoter in 2006.

"I have no idea. Normally when the fight is big and the money is in the fight is taking place. If tickets are not sold, pay-per-views have not sold well, sponsorship is not good then anything may happen, that's according to my 16 years of experience.

"I'm not blaming anyone or saying that he hasn't tested positive but with this test, anything may happen. But it affects boxing in a bad manner."

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