Exclusive: Even Tyson Fury's wife doesn't believe he'll retire, says Johnny Nelson

Tyson Fury insists he has retired despite the WBC willing to give him more time to make an official decision.

The 'Gypsy King' announced he would hang up the gloves as a professional boxer following his impressive win over Dillian Whyte.

Former cruiserweight world champion Johnny Nelson admitted Fury was the 'whole package' and said it is now up to other heavyweights such as Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk to pose a serious challenge to him.

"Very impressed with him, he's Tyson Fury so there was a few question marks for me over Tyson Fury. And he's basically in his last four fights, ticked every box in regard to yep, yep, yep, yep. So you got to give credit where credits due," Nelson told Planet Sport.

"Tyson Fury's proved he's the best fighter in the world. It's now for the other fighters around the world such as Usyk, such as AJ and everybody else to prove he isn't. Tyson Fury has done everything asked of him, skill-wise he's in point, fight wise he's on point, salesman he's on point.

"Really, it's the whole package, there's loads of good fighters out there who aren't good salesman, so that's why you're not gonna know who they are or where they are.

"Tyson fury is the full package so good on him. Even his success over Dillian, the shot wasn't a reaction shot, the shot was a premeditated planned shot.

"You could tell how he set it up, you could tell how he threw it, you could tell how he finished it. And again, there are not that many fighters who have that kind of IQ on that level should I say, you can do it with a pushover but on that level"

Will Fury retire?

Should Fury not fight again, he'll become only the second fighter in heavyweight history to retire as an undefeated world champion.

The winner of Anthony Joshua's rematch against Oleksandr Usyk is the obvious fight for Fury to take next to determine the first undisputed king in the division since Lennox Lewis.

And Nelson - the longest reigning cruiserweight champion in history - thinks there is no chance of Fury quitting just yet.

"No, I don't believe him for a second, not for one second. He might believe it himself today, but tomorrow he'll get up and think 'I wanna fight man'. And I don't believe it, I don't believe that's the last time we'll see him in the ring.

"If you mention that with someone like Deontay Wilder, that's more believable, but Tyson Fury, no I'm struggling to pay attention or give it any serious thought."

Tyson Fury after beating Dillian Whyte
Tyson Fury after beating Dillian Whyte

Why does Nelson think Fury said he is retiring if he isn't?

"Because he probably felt it at the time, or he probably said it to get us talking about it. Probably said it to say, 'boys if you want me, make your move because I'm ready to walk away'.

"Or he might've believed it at the time. But in reality, I saw a comment where his wife said, even his wife didn't believe it, so come on.

"But he probably believed it when he said it, but no I don't believe it. It's his medicine, that's his medication, that's what he does, and so it begs belief why he won't carry on," added Nelson.

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