Eddie Hearn: Jarrell Miller 'cheated' against Anthony Joshua and 'owes me money'

The fight was expected to take place in 2019 but fell through following three failed drug tests by Jarrell 'Big Baby' Miller.

Eddie Hearn has claimed Jarrell Miller still owes him money from 2019.

The boxing promoter selected 'Big Baby' as Anthony Joshua's first opponent in the United States but just weeks out from the fight, he tested positive for three banned substances.

Hearn would replace Miller with an overweight looking Andy Ruiz Jr after refusing the cancel the Madison Square Garden card.

Things went from bad to worse though with Ruiz claiming one of the biggest upsets in heavyweight history.

There were question marks behind the conditioning of Joshua during the fight and since the loss, the Brit has not fought in America since the defeat although he did spend time out there this year to find a new trainer.

AJ worked with Eddy Reynoso and Ronnie Shields but eventually picked Robert Garcia alongside existing coach Angel Fernandez.

Hearn was looking back at that time, and on talkSPORT, he hit out at Miller for testing positive for GW501516. Further tests showed that he had EPO and HGH substances in his body.

Speaking about fighters who fail drug tests, Hearn said: "Some fighters I genuinely believe have made mistakes. Some have just outright cheated.

"You have to understand when he [Miller] failed the drug tests for the Anthony Joshua fight, he injected things into him to beat Anthony Joshua. That's outrageous, that's criminal.

"Ultimately, I don't think he should be allowed to fight again, but I'm not the governing bodies, I'm not the commissions."

"I like Jarrell Miller. I think he's a nice guy, but the fact is he repeatedly cheated to try to gain an unfair advantage in a fight against another athlete.

"And he owes me money, genuinely. And he will be paying me," added Hearn.

Miller recently made his boxing return in Argentina, outpointing Ariel Esteban Bracamonte.

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