Dillian Whyte speaks for the first time ahead of fight and says 'it's not the Tyson Fury roadshow'

Whyte is adamant he will become the first fighter to inflict defeat on Tyson Fury's record as a professional on April 23.

Dillian Whyte has spoken to the media for the first time since his fight against Tyson Fury got announced.

The "Body Snatcher" is currently training for their upcoming clash at Wembley Stadium on April 23 for the WBC heavyweight title.

Whyte - with a record of 28-2, including a win over former champion Joseph Parker - has said he is under 'no illusion' about the challenge he faces.

"I'm up against a big guy - in a hard fight against an undefeated world champion but I believe I'll go out there and beat him. It'll be good to shut the world up.

"Listen this is a business," when asked about remaining silent during the build-up of the fight. "It is not the Tyson Fury show. Everybody says ‘Tyson Fury this, Tyson Fury that’. If Tyson Fury was the big star, he would have sold out the fights with Deontay Wilder. The fights were never sold out so this sold out because of me and Tyson Fury.

Dillian Whyte

"Tyson Fury fought Wilder and Wilder was the biggest superstar ever and none of the fights sold out. Let's be honest about it. It is not just the Tyson Fury show, it is the Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte show. We are both in the fight together so certain things need to be done correctly.

"I don't dance to no one's (sic) tune, I am a warrior and survivor. We can dance together but it can't be one-way traffic so things needed to be sorted out, things needed to be arranged and had to get done. That is it.

"I am a disciplined guy, I have learned to be disciplined over the years and, OK, if you want me to do things, I am up for it.

"I am a professional, I have had six or seven pay-per-view shows and I have worked hard on them and always looked after my opponents and dealt with them correctly."

Dillian Whyte

Whyte, who turned 34 this week, has not fought since avenging a defeat against Alexander Povetkin in Gilbraltar last March.

Despite a 13-month absence outside of the ring, Whyte is not concerned about ring rust being a factor in the domestic dust-up.

Fury meanwhile was last in action against Deontay Wilder in October. He climbed off the floor twice to record a sensational stoppage win over his American rival in the penultimate round.

It completed the long-running trilogy series between the pair, with Fury winning two of them inside the distance.

In his first encounter against Wilder, Fury - who drew against the 'Bronze Bomber' - said he had donated his purse to charity, something Whyte questioned on the media Zoom call.

"We're waiting to find out what charity the £7m went to after the Wilder fight. Ask him and see what he answers," said Whyte.

Dillian Whyte

"We've gone through a lot of scenarios and planned a lot of things," Whyte said when asked how we will envisage the fight mapping out against Fury.

"I don't know what's going to happen. The bell might go and I just start fu**ing having it in the first round. He might be a bit more trickier or I might be a bit more trickier than he expected.

"It's one of those fights where I have to keep adapting and keep changing and keep adapting to my situation and surrounding."

Tyson Fury won't retire after Whyte fight

Fury's father John Fury spoke to talkSPORT on Thursday and revealed Tyson is in the greatest shape of his career going into his title defence against Whyte.

John also shot down his own son about retiring from the sport after April 23, claiming it was 'bulls**t'.

"Bulls**t. Tyson is as mad as a box of frogs, where's he gonna go without boxing? Boxing's his life," he said.

"Tyson's the biggest wind-up merchant in the world, people should know him by now."

"He's probably had the best camp he's ever had. His weights bang on, he's as fit as a fiddle and he's raring to go," added John Fury.

"We're focused solely on this fight more than any other I think, because we know what's at stake, we know what we've got to do and it's a mission to get rid of Dillian Whyte in fantastic fashion and style."

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