Dean Whyte compares the difference between Frank Warren and Eddie Hearn

Dean Whyte spoke to D-Jukes #NewMedia Show ahead of his brother's world title shot against Tyson Fury.

Dean Whyte has opened up on the disrespect the "Body Snatcher" has had since his fight against Fury got made.

The Brixton heavyweight has kept a low profile since the fight got announced but did attend Wednesday's press conference alongside Fury.

Whyte is challenging for the WBC and Ring Magazine titles and will do it in front of 94,000 fans at Wembley Stadium - an attendance which is a record for a sporting event at the home of football.

Frank Warren's Queensberry Promotions won the purse bids to stage the fight on BT Sport Box Office while ESPN will broadcast the event on PPV in America. It is the biggest purse bid in British boxing history at $41,025,000.

Whyte, 34, has been unhappy at how certain things have been handled, and his brother Dean revealed the difference between Warren's promotional outfit to Eddie Hearn's Matchroom Boxing.

"I've never seen anything like this personally myself in boxing. Especially at the magnitude because look, this is a huge fight," he told D-Jukes.

Tyson Fury

"If you want to make $41m - the biggest English fight, historic number of money you've put up. If you wanted to make that money back you should have pleased both sides because then in the end, both participants play their position and help get the money back.

"But because of the disrespect and the lack of humility from them, gloating about 'how we won the purse bids, x y z and this'. You won the purse bids and that's great for you but now let's be a great host. That's what was lacking. Matchroom are great hosts, they host both opponents.

"I think it's going to be good for us because we haven't wasted any time with the mind games of Tyson Fury and all that s**t he likes to do," Dean added when speaking about the lack of participation on their end to promote the fight.

"Listen, he's the king of the chatting s**t and getting into people's minds. He's got skills, yes but he does a lot of talking. He defeats the opponents sometimes before he steps in the ring."

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