“I don’t give a f**k about you!” - Dana White hits out at Triller and Jake Paul

"You think I care what Triller thinks. I don't even take their calls. This idiot calls me every day..."

UFC president Dana White has gone on an explosive rant directed at Triller and their boss Ryan Kavanaugh.

White has been going back and forth with Triller and YouTube star Jake Paul a lot of late. Paul picked up a first-round stoppage victory over former MMA fighter Ben Askren in April.

He and Triller are now eyeing more boxing fights with UFC stars, but White does not seem willing to oblige.

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In the aftermath of that fight, White claimed that Triller lied about how many PPV buys there were for the Paul vs Askren Fight Club event:

"The numbers are there? Nah. I don't know if the numbers are there," White said.

"Do you know what would happen to this guy [in the UFC]? He ain't fighting in the UFC. He's getting hand-picked opponents, and God knows what else is going on with that whole f-ing thing."

Paul later responded to White, insisting that UFC fighters are not paid enough and they are not given a "fair share" of profits.

Kavanaugh recently suggested via Instagram that White has blocked Georges St Pierre from facing Oscar De La Hoya on a Triller PPV card.

St Pierre last fought in the UFC in November 2017 against Michael Bisping, but he is still under contract with the organisation.

After UFC 262 last Saturday night, White was asked about Kavanaugh's comments by reporters. As cited by Larry Brown Sports, the UFC supremo suggested that he does not take calls from Triller:

"Don't even ask me about these idiots," White said. "Who gives a s-? Does anybody give a s-? You do? I don't give a s- what they think.

"You think I care what Triller thinks. I don't even take their calls. This idiot calls me every day and texts me every day saying please answer my call, please talk to me, why won't you talk to me?

"Because I don't give a f- about you. Do your thing. Leave me alone. Go do whatever it is you're f-ing doing."

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