Could there be a rematch between Amir Khan and Kell Brook this year?

Kell Brook dismantled Amir Khan inside six rounds but the rivals could be set for a rematch.

Amir Khan could activate a rematch clause and fight Kell Brook again this year, according to promoter Ben Shalom.

Boxxer CEO Shalom revealed Khan has three weeks to decide whether he wants to fight his arch-rival again.

The pair finally ended a 17-year rivalry with Brook coming out on top via TKO in round six on February 19.

Since his win, Brook has been called out by middleweight contender Chris Eubank Jr and welterweight star Conor Benn.

Kell Brook

Despite having plenty of options - if he decides to continue boxing - Brook may be forced to face Khan again, Shalom claimed.

"The problem we've got, and no one has mentioned it so far, is that Amir Khan has a rematch clause in his contract," Shalom said.

"It's not something we would advise and it's something we don't think Amir should do, but he does have that option.

"We have heard murmurs from his camp that he was jet-lagged and didn't take Kell too seriously.

"I don't think it will happen, but it's not something in our control.

"It is something we agreed to before the fight, something Kell agreed to before the fight and he has three weeks to decide if he wants to fight him again.

"Amir got demolished in that fight and I would expect that to happen again.

"Technically he would be entitled to that rematch."

When asked about whether a rematch between the pair would generate the same sort of interest, Shalom added: "I think the only person who can sell that is Amir. I don't know what's in his head or what happened.

"What I saw was a one-way street and I felt Amir was finished."

Shalom also indicated that Brook is not looking to retire with lucrative offers on the table.

"He wants to continue. He wants to have one or two more. After a night like that, as much as people say walk away on a high, it's extremely hard to walk away.

"He's on weight and ready to go. He's probably had the best night of his career, that's what has been explained to me by his family.

"They are so appreciative he got that opportunity. He feels like he's ready to go again.

"Obviously he's been called out by Chris [Eubank Jr] by Conor [Benn]. We've even had Danny Garcia and [Keith] Thurman enquiring as to what's going on.

Chris Eubank Junior

"There are options for him, but we have to wait for this two or three week window to collapse."

He added: "Kell will only take the right fight at the right weight, otherwise he will retire.

"I think he has to [pull Eubank Jr down to 155]. Chris wants that fight perhaps more than Kell and Kell is the money fight now.

"Kell looks very good at 149, he's coming up to 155. That's still six pounds. I think Chris has to come down."

Khan now has another week to decide on whether he wants to trigger his rematch clause against Brook.

No side fee for Khan

During a video interview with iFL TV, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn said Khan is blocking a potential clash between Brook and Benn by threatening to invoke a rematch clause against Brook.

However, Khan is willing to move out the way if he can receive a stand aside fee, something Hearn is refusing to do.

"Yeah, I don't wanna tell you what (Brook) asked for but it was slightly OTT," he said. "I've heard actually Amir Khan is going to invoke the rematch clause bizarrely, and we've already had people contact us saying, 'Would you like to pay us step-aside to not invoke the rematch clause?' So, no, you're alright, thanks. You go and do Khan-Brook 2 and we'll crack on.

"I've said to Conor Benn the other day, 'You, my friend, are a young superstar. Don't worry about basing your career around someone else, don't worry about waiting, trying to land this payday. Everything's gonna come for you.'

"So we crack on with our career, his next fight will be announced for April 16 and we'll be ready for a huge show for Conor Benn."

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