Claressa Shields declares she is the greatest woman of all time after beating Savannah Marshall

American boxer Claressa Shields reflects on the weeks since put in a spectacular performance to beat Savannah Marshall and make boxing history.

The bout was initially due to take place on 10 September but it was delayed to 15 October due to the unfortunate passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

When the fight did take place, it went a full 10 rounds with Shields winning via a unanimous judges decision to make her the unified and undisputed middleweight champion of the world.

"I think I represent African-Americans everywhere I go," Shields said. "To be on an all-female card was amazing. 20,000 fans all for us after all these years of telling us, 'Women don't have boxing fans and women can't sell out venues', which I already knew was a lie.

"But we finally got to prove it and I was the head of the bill. So I was super-excited about that."

In terms of her achievement in uniting the middleweight belts, Shields held no punches.

"I am the greatest woman of all time," she said.

"I think representation is everything. I think if I had a Claressa Shields to look up to when I was coming up of course I would be a lot better, of course I would know the game and wouldn't have to work as hard as I'm working now.

"Right now I'm creating a blueprint for a lot of young women on how to become a world champ, on how to captivate a crowd, how to do the things that I'm doing."

While she is adamant of being seeing as one of the greatest women boxers of all time, Shields concedes that she has always been recognised for her achievements.

"I've always gotten the recognition because I've always had the belts," she said.

"Regardless of what people like to try to say, I have been dominating all of my performances to be world champ.

"Just because people look to 10 years ago like there was a black cloud over my career, doesn't mean that I did.

"I think that everyone needs a dance partner, everyone needs a good fight and that's what it was with Savannah Marshall.

"That just solidified my GWOATness more. It solidified everything that I've been saying is not a myth and that she can't knock me out, she's not the better fighter and what happened 10 years ago was simply out of my control."

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