Chris Eubank Junior labels Sky Sports analyst a 'joker' over 'shocking' scorecard

Chris Eubank Junior has labelled Sky Sports analyst Matthew Macklin a "joker" after seeing his scorecard from Saturday's unanimous points win over Liam Williams.

Eubank Jr dropped his Welsh counterpart four times in the fight, including three times in the first four rounds. Williams' punch resistance came firmly under the microscope as a cool Eubank Jr exerted his dominance.

The two middleweights finally met in a grudge match on Saturday in Cardiff, but Eubank Jr, despite a bright start, could not maintain his dominance and allowed Williams to get a foothold in the fight.

A fourth knockdown in the 11th round put paid to any slim hopes Williams had of a comeback and Eubank Jr had to settle for a win on the scorecards.

All three judges gave Eubank Jr the victory with scores of 116-109, 116-108 and 117-109.

And Sky Sports claimed the success was "a brilliant statement win by Eubank Jr - the best of his career".

It certainly sets the Brighton man up for a shot at a world title with the imperious IBF champion Gennadiy Golovkin and Billy Joe Saunders mentioned.

But Macklin, a former European middleweight champion, and co-commentating on proceedings, saw it far closer and had Eubank Jr winning 104-101.

It was a scorecard which has incensed Eubank Jr, who made his feelings clear on social media.

"So what did you think about the commentary on Saturday? I'm still scratching my head at Matthew Macklin's scorecard. I think Sky Sports Boxing need to buy this joker a pair of glasses before he talks about boxing again or maybe it's just jealousy blinding him. Either way pretty shocking (sic)," tweeted Eubank Jr.

Macklin, 39, responded and said he picked Eubank Jr to win the fight, but said he was disappointed the Brit did not push for the stoppage.

Macklin's defence

Eubank Jr was accused of show-boating and goading Williams in the latter rounds instead of getting the younger man out of there.

"I picked you to win and thought after those first 4 Rds you were going to get the stoppage. I was baffled that you didn't step on the gas and was happy to just coast. IMO you threw away those middle rounds by doing so little! Looking the part doesn't win Rds, punches landed does," (sic) tweeted Macklin.

Eubank Jr immediately after the fight claimed he had purposely kept Williams in the ring to "teach him a lesson".

"I'm happy with the performance, I wanted to teach this man a lesson, he'd said some menacing things to me leading up to this fight and I wanted to punish him," said Eubank Jr.

"I thought about it, I didn't even want to knock him out in the first round, I wanted to punish him, I wanted to get people like that out of boxing. You saw it, head locks, head butts, I took it like a man and punished him like I said I would do."

Nelson doesn't 'buy' Eubank Jr talk

Sky Sports pundit Johnny Nelson, who was at ringside, was not in agreement though.

"I don't buy that," Nelson said. "I don't believe him.

"If he could have got the knockout, he would have.

"His shot wasn't landing. He couldn't find the knockout shot.

"There is no way in a million years I believe him!

"He made a fundamental mistake - he should have stayed professional."

Sky Sports claimed Eubank Jr revealed that an injured left hand impaired him in the contest.

The Brit also said he was expecting Williams to get disqualified.

"I'm surprised he wasn't disqualified," Eubank Jr said backstage, referencing "headbutts" and "headlocks".

Eubank Jr did have to be escorted out of the ring due to concerns over his and his team's safety in relation to the behaviour of the crowd.

Williams to be reprimanded

Williams will be called before the British Boxing Board of Control after comments he made in the build up to the fight.

The trash talk between the pair was intense with a genuine dislike for each other between the domestic rivals.

Williams told the Telegraph: "Eubank makes my skin crawl every time I look at him. I deeply dislike the guy. I want to kill him."

Upon hearing about the 'kill' remark, the BBBofC's Robert Smith told the Telegraph: "We will be calling Williams in and reprimanding him.

"Those are not the words we want to hear, and even if he meant it metaphorically it is unacceptable for a licensed boxer to say such a thing.

"Boxers are more than aware of the dangers in the sport.

"We will be speaking with him about it after the contest. It's simply not appropriate."

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