Carl Froch reveals story behind bizarre question to Floyd Mayweather

Carl Froch went into more detail on his fighting podcast about his hilarious '80,000 at Wembley' question to Floyd Mayweather...

Just to remind those who can't remember, Carl Froch defeated George Groves at Wembley Stadium in front of 80,000 fans.

And in 2015, prior to his 'Fight of the Century' battle with Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather had the pleasure of chatting to Nottingham's finest.

The four-time world champion decided to refer to himself whilst chatting to Mayweather and asked him whether he had been 'chopping down some trees' in preparation for his battle with 'Pacman'... as you do.

Five years on from the famous clip, the 'Cobra' has finally spoken about it on his Froch on Fighting Podcast with co-host Darren Fletcher.

"Mayweather weigh-in, we know we've got him because it's part of the Sky broadcast, we're showing the fight," Froch said.

"Adam Smith [Sky's lead presenter] says, 'I'm going to give you a question, ask him what you want. Eddie Hearn's there, I'm chatting to Eddie, 'quick, what can I ask Floyd Mayweather?'

"And it came to me. I thought, 'This would be a great idea. I've got to mention Wembley and make it about myself. I'd just seen a VT of Mayweather chopping some logs, with an axe. We use a metal bar against a tractor tyre.

"So what followed was off the cuff, but slightly pre-empted - as a joke. I've got a bit of a dry sense of humour. I said to Eddie I'm going to do this. Eddie went, 'No, no, no' and then he went, 'okay, sound, go on," the British legend continued.

"Mayweather comes up, I've got a mic, and he's got a mic. Fraser [Dainton - Sky Sports presenter] is in between us chatting away and then he passed to me. Every now and again I surprise myself. I came out with that one, I've never chopped a tree down in my life.

"He was looking at me with that big white smile as if to go, 'What the hell is this kid on about? He knew who I was by the way. He said to me, 'You're some fighter yourself.'

"So yeah, I said, 'when I boxed George Groves in front of 80,000 people at Wembley Stadium I chopped a few trees down myself. Have you been working on strength and that?'

"Eddie was cracking up. To be fair to him, he told everyone after, but it always stuck."

Froch is often ridiculed for the comments he made to Mayweather, but takes it all in his stride, and embraces it.

Never change, Carl, never change.

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