Amir Khan to continue charity work after snubbing politician role in Pakistan

The boxer was apparently offered the chance to become a politician...

Amir Khan has delivered a drastic u-turn after initially confirming his interest in becoming a politician in Pakistan. The two-time world champion, known for his charity work worldwide, admitted he had been offered a major role in a recent social media post and vowed to improve sports, education and child labour.

"I have been asked numerous times if I would join politics in Pakistan. Being a sports man and being an ambassador for the country, I'm honoured to asked if I would take part in politics, in fact I would love to help the country," Britain's youngest ever Olympic-medalist said.

"We will all leave this world one day, but whilst we still around we all should do our bit."

"I've sat with many politicians and army generals agreeing and disagreeing on topics in the country. My heart is clean and I would want the best for Pakistan. Lets see how things play out. My old stable mate world champion boxer Manny Pacquiao also joined politics.

"Pacquiao is the current senator of the Philippines and has promised to donate a future fight purse from a fight with Conor McGregor to his country in a bid to defeat Covid-19 should the bout come into fruition.

"It will be a massive decision to make, I one day might consider this," he said to his two-million plus followers," Khan added.

However, 48 hours later "King Khan" had a change of heart although he promised to continue his work, which has helped provide shelter and food to Syrian refugees and families impacted by floods in Lahore.

"Talked to my advisory team, I will decline the offer to join Pakistan politics. The country is run by an amazing PM Imran Khan and we all have trust in him. I prefer continuing my charity work in UK, Pakistan and rest of the world to make areas better and safer."

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