Adrien Broner given contempt of court charge after being unable to pay fine

When will the bad boy of boxing ever learn?

Adrien Broner has hit the headlines for the wrong reasons yet again after a Cleveland judge ordered the boxer to be taken into custody for contempt of court.The former three-division world champion was seen in a photo with plenty of money around him, something which proved to be the final straw for Judge Nancy Margaret Russo, who lost her patience with Broner, who had failed to pay the $830k judgement against him.

Trying to plead his innocence about being unable to afford the payment, Broner, who was arrested in 2018 for an assault on a woman in a nightclub, said:

"I'm answering the questions," Broner said. "That's all I did have on me. I got rich friends. I do. I got wealthy friends that take care of me.

"[The money I've been posting] is getting sent to me [by] my friends."

"I got a big heart. I'll show you I got a big heart. And when I did have money and everybody asked me for money, I gave it to them. And now that they see that I need help if I ask for it..."

Interrupting Broner, the judge demanded who these people were that he had mentioned.

"My friends! I can ask Gervonta Davis, Al Haymon, I can ask Stephen Espinoza, I can ask anybody for money," Broner said.

"They sending it through the bank and it's coming into my account and I'm spending it...I don't got no money, I get sent money and spend it, I gotta spend it on bills."

With inaccuracies over his financial stability, Judge Russo said enough was enough.

"Mr. Broner has continually defied every court ordered I've given," Russo said during the hearing. "The jig is up today."

Broner pleaded to the judge about having an upcoming fight in January, something which was unable to persuade the judge otherwise.

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