A summer boxing blockbuster anyone? Chris Eubank Jr vs Kell Brook

A 'big summer blockbuster' fight between Chris Eubank Jr and Kell Brook is in the making, according to promoter Kalle Sauerland.

It's a fight the British fans would lap up after Brook's recent demolition job on Amir Khan and Eubank Jr's classy win over Liam Williams.

Eubank Jr's promoter Sauerland says talks have taken place between Brook's Boxxer camp and it's a fight they "would love" to put on at a big British venue.

There is real needle between the pair going back to 2016 when Brook 'stole' Eubank Jr's fight with Gennady Golovkin.

Brook stepped up two weights from welterweight to fight GGG in a world middleweight showdown at the O2 Arena. Eubank Jr was expecting the call himself and from that day the pair have never seen eye to eye.

Now though the duo could settle their differences in the ring this summer in a catchweight battle of Britain.

"I can confirm that we had meetings with Boxxer last week and they are now speaking to Brook," Sauerland told Sky Sports.

"We're in a positive dialogue and it's a fight that we would love to get made.

"The question is whether certain issues can be resolved. If everyone is sensible, I can see that happening and I can see it being a big summer blockbuster.

"But there's still work to be done. We're ready. Our terms are known."

While Eubank Jr has made it clear "me and Kell have beef" the Brighton-based fighter will not fight on unfavourable terms.

But he does acknowledge from a business perspective it's a fight to make.

"You'll get the hardcore fans interested and those outside. It's not a random callout.

"We don't like each other. If we have a chance to settle this, let's see," he said at ringside after watching Brook blast Khan away last month.

At what weight?

The big stumbling block for the fight is the weight.

Brook has fought for the majority of his career at welterweight and became the IBF welterweight champion with a career-best win over Shawn Porter in 2014.

His recent win over Khan took place at 149lbs - two pounds over the welterweight limit.

Eubank Jr meanwhile is a middleweight operator at 160lbs. And he has made it clear he will not drop down much from the 160lbs he weighed for the win over Williams.

Eubank Jr told talkSPORT: "I like how people talk about how he could probably make it down to 155 if he tried really hard. The guy walks around at 180lbs.

"He walks around heavier than I do. He fought Gennady Golovkin at 160 and got into the ring at 168 on the night.

"When I fight at 160, the maximum I put on is five pounds. He will be bigger than me on the night if we fight at 160.

"People are talking about me coming down to 155, that's just not going to happen. I've never fought at that weight before and I don't have that much weight to take off.

"He would comfortably make 160. Could I shave off a couple of pounds if I had to? Yes, but one or two maximum.

"155 is not happening, 158 at a push. If that can't be agreed on then we've got much bigger fish to fry and it's not the end of the world."

Brook has other offers

Ben Shalom, the head of Brook's Boxxer stable says a fight with Eubank Jr is "50-50" but his man does have other options.

He told talkSPORT: "I was with Kell on Tuesday. It's a fight that Chris certainly wants. It's going to come down to weight.

"We are looking at it.

"We think Danny Garcia wants to fight him. There are options for him. Obviously he's had the offer for Conor Benn.

"I do think it's the fight that will capture the fans' imagination the most as long as it's at a competitive weight and as long as it's the right fight for Kell as well.

"That's the key. That's something we will be working on. I would say there's a 50/50 chance of that happening.

"Both teams would like it if it's on the right terms. Maybe it's one we will aim for in the summer."

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