Ali, Fury and Hamed: The greatest trash talkers in boxing history

"It's going to need 10 plumbers to do you when I've got finished with you. You are getting it - for sure."

Let's be honest, we love a press conference full of heated exchanges.

Sometimes, trash talk can be funny, it can be light-hearted entertainment while other verbal attacks go below the belt.

If a fighter can get it right, they strike a mental edge over their opponent going into the fight.

However, it can also backfire, just ask David Haye when he fought Wladimir Klitschko and Tony Bellew.

Here, Planet Sport takes a look at the best trash talkers in boxing history who could not only talk the talk but also walk the walk.

Ricardo Mayorga

Perhaps the greatest of the modern era?

It's safe to say Mayorga loved a pint and a cheeky cig. He would have had a cheeky puff in between rounds if he was allowed to.

When you took on El Matador, press conferences were guaranteed to get heated and full of shoves. When it comes down to being a villian, nobody did it better than the former world champion.

Here's our favourite line from Mayorga. "I will knock out Vernon Forrest in two rounds whether I have a cigarette or not. I know a lot of people want to see me fight more rounds.

"So, if HBO wants, they can pick two sparring partners for me to fight after I knock out Forrest. That way, the audience can see me fight 12 rounds."

Prince Naseem Hamed

"Power is more than the punch. I get so much power and belief in myself from God, and from God the power passes through my legs, through my hips, up to my shoulders, through my arms, and into my fists...I'm written to be a legend."

Possibly the greatest fighter to have laced up a pair of gloves from Great Britain.

His approach to the ring was full of swagger, cockiness and flamboyance as he jumped over the top rope - an entrance Chris Eubank had claimed was adopted from himself.

Despite being a genius, Hamed was certainly a marmite fighter. Regardless of whether you loved or loathed him, he was the definition of entertaining.

James Toney

"I don't care who wins, I'll fight either one of them. As a matter of fact, I'll fight them both (Eubank and Nigel Benn) on the same night if they want."

Nicknamed "Lights Out," Toney has to make our list. Known for his aggressive defence, Toney notched up an impressive 47 wins inside the distance and held world titles in three weight divisions and challenged for the heavyweight title twice.

He did back-up his chat though, especially when he fought Michael Nunn in 1991.

His trainer Bill Miller told him after the eighth round that he was behind on the scorecards only for Toney to tell him, "don't worry about it. He's not going the full distance."

And he didn't. Toney stopped him with a huge left in the 11th.

Tyson Fury

The Gypsy King really is the king of mind games. In 2015, dressed up as fictional character Batman, Tyson Fury leaped over the table and rugby tackled someone wearing a Joker costume at a press conference alongside Wladimir Klitschko.

After the takedown, he said: "This is a fool, just like you." You just can't predict the next stunt he'll do, even Fury can't himself - he's unpredictable and the type of maverick boxing needs.

He promised to bully Deontay Wilder and send him to sleep in 2020 and he certainly did that in their Las Vegas rematch, beating him inside seven rounds.

The WBC heavyweight champion has come up with some cracking one-liners but we think him telling Klitschko that 'The Klit is getting licked' is his finest to date.

Oh, and also his words of warning to heavyweight David Price on Channel 5.

"See you, you plumber from Liverpool, it's personal between you and me and I'm going to do you some serious harm you big, stiff idiot.

"It's going to need 10 plumbers to do you when I've got finished with you. You are getting it - for sure."

Muhammad Ali

The Greatest is the undisputed champion when it comes to trash talk.

Ali, formerly known as Cassius Clay, would get personal with his opponent and for the majority of his fights, he had already won without throwing a punch.

Some of his most potent jabs would come from his mouth with iconic quotes and poetry on hand.

It's hard to choose his best quote but this one comes to mind when thinking about the Louisville Lip.

"Float like a butterfly sting like a bee - his hands can't hit what his eyes can't see." (1974 ahead of the Rumble in the Jungle).

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